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Feel free to give this account a follow request if you want to follow. I've locked it, but there's no restrictions on who can make a request.

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Hey, due to social anxiety, my enbyfriend @kiilas is now acting as my agent/assistant for commissions, so message them if you'd like a commission!

(All of the info on my commissions page - has been updated to reflect this)

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Hey, I'm Dzuk. :think_dzuk:

- Moderator of
- Your local, anti-corporate and very gay emoji designer :headpats: :hot_shit: :cannabis_leaf: :tarot_sword: :orc: :queer100: :troll: :so_gay: (@mutantstd)

I'm interested in design, digital art weird identities and non-shitty/radical transhumanism!

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Contacting me 

*Bill Maher voice* New Rule: Forum Signatures are banned

Are you tired of useful idiots propping up what is increasingly feeling like a managed democracy?

Consider trading mainstream journalism subscriptions for some of these instead:


A very good twitter thread about the false claims about the UK-US trade docs being from russia 

A very good twitter thread about the false claims about the UK-US trade docs being from russia 

pointless product gendering 

ok, boomer: a concise guide to the generations living in early 21st century America.

There's a bit of commentary as to why I did this and a few things I noticed after doing it on my blog:

I've been watching/playing things with really awesome orchestral soundtracks lately

Some very cool old examples of logotypes that were simultaneously developed in both Korean and English, designed by Kim Jin Pyung.


dunno why it feels like can read hangul more fluently after a ~1 year hiatus, but there you go

I guess it's generally an easy script to get the hang of and retain

ooo, some sneak peek Korean characters on IBM Plex's site

(Seems that they've delayed the timetable for CJK characters; Korean in 2019-2020, Japanese and Chinese in 2020-2021)

More useful Labour campaigning/persuasion stuff 

"Comfortable liberals who claim to be “politically homeless” are exposing their cluelessness about the misery and havoc another Tory government will impose on ordinary Britons."

France and Belarus both have a city named Brest. A pair of Brest, if you will

yeah I support LGBTQ

the Queen

My leafleting team got mildly accosted by a really old dude who had probably read too many Daily Mail fan fics

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