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Dzukcopter DZ-135

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Hey, I've lowered and simplified my rates and I have slots available ^w^

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Hey, just to let you know, I haven't been able to maintain to the degree that I'd like so I've handed it over to my enbyfriend @kiilas. If you have a query or want to add your instance, talk to it from now on ^^.

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Hey, I'm Dzuk. :think_dzuk:

- Moderator of
- Your local, anti-corporate and very gay emoji designer :headpats: :hot_shit: :cannabis_leaf: :tarot_sword: :orc: :queer100: :troll: :so_gay: (@mutantstd)

I'm interested in design, digital art weird identities and non-shitty/radical transhumanism!

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I want to design a web extension emoji picker for Mutant Standard that evokes a real Dreamcast charm to it

Your lucky emoji for the day? tarot pentacle!

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seeing a 'DON'T VORE' version of the pre-0.3.0 'DON'T AWOO' emoji in a Discord server I'm in is very funny

I'll probably make a vaporwave themed park if i play Planet Coaster again.

I wish I could do a stream of Planet Coaster but my CPU/GPU have a hard enough time running the game

I could always do RCT2 if I have a copy of it still lying around....

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I have open emoji commission slots!

You can find details and rates at

An orc emoji for SpecialAgentUno ~

I bet some of you thought this combination was lewd.

Listening to a halloween mix in December. Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

It's kind of ironic that thinks it can sell follows and then everyone responds by systematically reducing the possible reach the instance has.

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Five morning rituals to increase productivity:

1) Face North, thrice chant "inbox zero"
2) Face South, thrice chant "bullet journal"
3) Face East, thrice chant "pomodoro"
4) Face West, thrice chant "soylent"
5) Throw your head back to the sky and roar "PRODUCTIVITY"

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