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Shout out to all the other left handed trans people, or as I prefer to be called, The Sinister Trans Lobby

Gary is the only fun magic card I've seen this season, and I just want more styles for him

the lack of card styles for gary is a crime

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The drama in the Rust community is completely out of line with my experience with in-person Rust meetups.

Which is fitting, because actix did always support async

Slightly better than the line under that one

// Planning to initially pass NULLs to this

Which is still 'safe' code, mind.

> How I tell people I use Rust

> How I use Rust
let y: *mut ::libc::c_void = x.as_slice().as_ptr();

I think all German Shepherds are happiest when the family's in a single room.

When we had her sisters over, and the breeder, we were all in the kitchen with 3 dogs lying on the floor.

I've never seen her so content

My dog gets a bit funny if I'm working late and she's sleeping in another room.

But my laptop setup is in a spare room, and she sleeps in the bedroom.

So right now I'm typing at my laptop, my partner is asleep in a spare bed to my left, and my dog is asleep by my feet in her dog bed.

Apparently this is fine for her, as long as the family's all together

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A gentle suggestion for newer trans folks 

Legitimately my most frequent thing on this codebase is regex replace for :[^,]* so I can copy the arguments from the safe function to the CUDA function and just remove the types

"This function takes 27 parameters"

Thanks CUDA.

Last Season; Oko, mysterious, meta specific, easily fits into the word "broken"

This Season; Gary

"No code survives contact with reality." is a wonderful, wonderful phrase.

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actually it's called 'gnu plus shut the fuck up',

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Is "witch" a gendered term for you? Please explain in a reply, if you'd like!

There's a reddit thread about a woman who adopted a GSD and was injured while taking photos of them.

Unfortunately the thread is full of misinformation about dogs! A lot of the comments demonise the woman involved, saying that she ought to have seen the signs the dog was sending out from the photos available.

I've seen them, and as a GSD owner, I would not immediately know the dog was upset from those photos. Dog signals are *dog* specific, even if there are general signs.

I'm completely faceblind. I've walked past my own partner before.

Yet I don't think I could ever not recognise jack black

Maybe I should do the Andrew Ng course finally? I don't know.

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