(I quite like Billie Eilish and I have no idea why Reddit seems to hate her so much)

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I can't be on sunbeam anymore, and my other weirder.earth account doesn't feel right. I think this is sustainable.

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It being the compilation and FFI, we now have two others in the team who have an okay knowledge of Rust, and quite a few better at maths than I am

Like it ain't complex, but I wrote out mutual information as a Rust function so that I could use it in a work R package.

And it works! And now people working on the project compile Rust, but without any real need to know how it works. (It was in C before, but the FFI to Rust is fairly okay)

Converting maths to code still feels like abstract witchcraft and I'm so damn proud whenever I can do it

So people in my team at work wanted to learn , and it turns out a lot of them learn through the exercise thing.

I made a mini-repo I'm going to be adding to over the next few weeks (gitlab.com/EdenHyacinth/ferrou) - If anyone has any ideas for mini examples I can add I'd love to hear it.

Honestly I just cried afterwards. Like the level of stress involved in being publicly non-binary at work, and then getting a "you should do more" from a cis person is just, yikes.

The other day someone told me that I wasn't doing enough as a enby at work, that I should be more overt about being non-binary.

"You should use whatever bathroom you want! I'd back you up!"

Yeah thanks mate. You wanna field the reactions too? Because this would go way beyond HR.

I feel like I'd rather not be trans any more.

I'm having a bad few days, and being trans makes it so much worse.

Weirder earth looks *sick* on the new update.


Transphobia, uk 

just FYI, referring to the charity in the UK, not the event.

pride month at work, or "explaining to the LGB why we don't support stonewall"

My company made a speech a few months ago about equality.

In summary "When we started, we had to hire the best people for the job. After we became successful, we tried to become diverse"

Without a hint of irony. Its shocking people can exist like that.

In a few months, that's all this account will post. photos of me and a dog.

I might even smile. I might even be able to breathe without coughing. Holy shit.

I can.. get a dog. Like legit, allowed in the rent.

the contract is signed.

I will be in Scotland next month. :)

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