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Eden @Eden@weirder.earth

Honestly, I'd love some advice in this regard. It's easy to do well when you're doing okay, but it's hard to get back into it?

On the one hand, I'm very sad and would feel better if I did DBT exercises.

On the other, being sad makes me feel like I don't want to.

This sucks.

Please wave to the sog dog

I saw a happy seal boy today

This is how you milk a car

Preppers went from a silly little show to fucking terrifying when a man went shooting with his children and *put his hand over the barrel after a misfire*

goblins can't even hold that many avocados, it doesn't make sense.

pick something with bigger hand size, brah

Okay so weird thing.

Y'all know 'Bible Bumps' (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganglion)?

Well I've had one for 1 - 2 years on my left hand. It vanished at some point 2 - 3 weeks ago, and I have no idea why.

Honestly it's a big clue that I pay so little attention to my own body

"stop trying to be clever with lifetimes"

should be tattooed on the back of my hands

I really like this video debunker on YouTube - captain disillusion.

But he was complaining that people believed all these silly videos, like an infinite staircase, or someone with an invisibility cloak.

And I'd never met anyone who believed that. Until a new business director joined my team, and on the second week was sharing "unbelievable" videos in group chat and talking about how well TV advertising worked.

You can guess his age from that, can't you.

Like I love my girlfriend and all, but she doesn't wear hoodies and I can't steal them

Reminder that companies frequently pay for TV advertising and billboard advertising without evidence that it's providing a return

Someone in my company felt like international women's day was a day to voice support of Greer and watching cis people listing pronouns is a wonderful reaction

I'm still fairly convinced I was briefly attracted to men as a defense mechanism against not owning enough hoodies

It's quick, it's easy, and it's free : Add your pronouns to your work profiles and make transphobes uncomfortable

I just heard the phrase "soft shelled rustacean" and it is *adorable*

Why is my local timeline not losing their shit over the real estate video in AU that can only be described as "unnecessarily sexual"?


Because it has made my morning


okay so I've got this new idea for blockchain

you make these IDs that work off your identity, and merge it with someone else's ID, and put that into your child so you can prove a chain of identity going forward

you: hydroponics
me: fogponics