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Eden @Eden@weirder.earth

Okay new weird question

If a type T implements copy, is &T equivalent to T?

Least favourite thing.

Only other non-binary person I know at work constantly refers to our team as "guys" despite the fact we're now 50% non-men.
I kinda wish someone who's meant to be part of like 'my group' was better at this.

Can someone who's good at *please* help me with this.


The test data_sketching_fold works. It uses a macro.

The test data_sketching_in_member_func fails to compile due to an issue with the signature, but is doing pretty much the same thing as the previous test.

Issue is somewhere on lines 43;70-71.

I've been looking at this for two hours now, and I just can't figure it out?

Me after a twenty minute nap; "Now I don't need to go to bed until 3am"

D) Ask them how they actually benefit you in the regard at fucking all.

Do you go into companies and check for gender neutral toilets?

Do you ask about the company guidelines to transitioning?

Do you check the culture for rampant misogyny or homophobia?

Do you in fact, just want me to work with you because you gave lip service to part of my life without bothering to do any of the work?

You're on LinkedIn.

A recruiter messages you, saying they're LGBT friendly and so approached you to help you find a job.

Do you
A) Ask them which part of the acronym they think you're in

B) Tell them it's a little weird to prioritise that when it's a minor point in your profile (Was a lgbt rep at uni)

C) Ask them if they tell the cishets that

There's a discussion on gaslighting on Reddit.

Except half of it is just "People with BPD aren't good people".

Which is kinda hard to see. It's not like when you have BPD there's ever really a cure. You do work every day to be less BPD, and sometimes it gets easier and sometimes it doesn't.

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"Canada goose shares slide.."

Is a very exciting sentence until you remember that's a company

I mean I'm also happy that my first thought wasn't

"I'm not as good as I thought"
"Fuck that nerd"

Because that's not the type of person I wanna be, but it's how I have reacted to that feeling in the past?

oh god I looked at other people's advent of code submissions.

There's someone like 7 years younger than me that's writing code I can't even understand. It's kinda cool to see that however much I improve, someone can still write dark magic code that makes me feel like a kid again.

I found out how to name for loops in Rust, and it's *wild*

'outer: for x in 0..100 {
'inner: for y in 0..100 {
if y == 4 {
break 'inner;

And I have written it out twice for different AOC challenges.

And then taken it away almost immediately because I realised I didn't need it at all.

These are definitely robot hands, right?

Took a pokemon gym near my partners house with them.

We get back home, it's taken back.

We wait an hour, and go take it again.

I'm honestly becoming a dork and I'm so into it

Hey @dzuk (As the only mod on here I vaguely know), is there a sidekiq queue or something here? Can't get the home timeline to load

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I'm one of the tumblr exiles, just kind of blogging away, sometimes I say things and sometimes I post memes. Big fan of rats, bats and bunnies. Also very leftist (if you can't tell). Feel free to say hello :).

Has anyone got a garmin smart watch? :) I wanna know how well it works for office life. I really just need something to tell me if I can ignore an email or no

Somehow my partner got to 28 without learning how to peel an orange.

I'm kinda, confused

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