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When I was young, I thought coding was like witchcraft. You speak words and out come demons.

And now I'm older and I think coding was *exactly* like witchcraft - a lot of work goes into knowing what words to speak and you have to speak a *lot* of words.

I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of using where <T> in Rust, but I'm also finally learning that defining types in traits is super powerful.

But I also wish I'd realised this a lot earlier, because my last commit was +1k, -800, and I don't enjoy the sheer amount of changes.

I'm looking forward to stage 5

pub fn MultiplicationForVectorMatrix

pub fn MultiplicationForMatrixVector


Writing Generic Code in Rust, my attempts

Attempt 1: <T> **everywhere**

Attempt 2: Traits **everywhere**

Attempt 3: Impl Trait for <T>

Attempt 4: Impl Trait for <SpecificType1>, <SpecificType2>, ...

This might just be my new aesthetic

Making their cute piles of metal :)

Stalkers in subnautica are autistic don't @ me

99% of playing subnautica is saying "there's the bitch" when looking at a new plant

Let's start by saying I firmly believe in authorial intent as part of reading a text.

All my toots are gay.

also, phone's a fucking narc

"<Address> reported by this phone"

Good old consensual GDPR there Google.

It feels like compiler only ever gives me one level of errors.

Like if I fuck up a function name it'll stop there, and then when I fix it it'll reveal a lower strata of problems.

Is there a way to show all levels at once?

it ended up even longer than that and I wish I hadn't used that binding in six places

then five minutes have passed and you're writing

<std::vec::Vec<ResultType> as tree_components::data_store::has_unique><Output=<std::vec::Vec<ResultType>>>

and that's _fine_

writing generics in Rust starts as a fun exercise

"Today, my function will be able to accept a category or a number. It'll be grea<T>"

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obeys the rat principle that you're never more than two functions from an unsafe

is fantastic until you realise you can't do something like pattern match against enum variants and the RFC has been in the works two years