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My dog is suddenly into staring at my phone. I'd upload a photo but WE seems to be broken on uploads?

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Gonna be so glittery in my baseball cap

On the one hand; my femme butch aesthetic

On the other: glittery bathbombs


aaaah i'm totally loving The OA so far.

worried it's gonna be super sherlock-y in opening a lot of mysteries but not resolving them, but so far it's doing well in telling an actual story

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weirder earth is looking more witches town by the day

I saw a wild post recently that was about "things people stop doing after getting pets"

And daily walks was on there.

How on earth you have a well behaved dog without daily walks is beyond me.

See this is the shitty side of having pets. Even when you're sick you still have to do it

But kali isn't sick, and needs her walks. So I'm going to go brave the world

Very sick, again. Hoping it passes quickly but my partner's sick too so I'm guessing not a fucking chance

My head feels like it's full of raccoons.

Tbh this wouldn't be so bad but I'm pretty sick and sore and covered in ibuprofen gel.

So I'm a bit upset with her

Thanks.. Kali.

It's not her fault though. It rained a lot, she went out, we thought her paws werent that bad.

She came in happy to see us. And yeah.

It turns out I've got a lot of opinions on this but I would also love a book on it

But equally, what is worth making from scratch?

I feel like gnocchi is, but pasta isn't. Most ragus are, same for meatballs, pesto is only worth it for the price, white sauces are, but lasagne isn't.

Croissants are so tough to decide because they're so good freshly made but so much effort. It's like the ultimate in effort reward. Pastry fucking isn't, especially for pies.

There needs to be a book on "What's worth making yourself" so the page on paprika can say "no."

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