Internet slowed to 150kbps.

Checked all the mac addresses connected. Found one I didn't recognise.

Removed it. Later Internet returned to normal - it was an unrelated fault. But it still bothered me until this morning what that other address was, until I plugged something back in.

The roomba has wireless. Little fucker.

@patience I did. But now he can't find his schedules :(

@Eden well, you can still use the mac filter and access filters to limit roomba access to only one IP/MAC where the schedule data are kept

@Eden Why was the Roomba sucking up that much bandwidth?

@djsumdog wasn't - fault was the local hub downgrading to lower capacity. Just recognised a weird mac and removed I thought someone had guessed the password.


corporate cheerleaders: IoT! IoT!

reality: "oh shit, I gotta plug my vacuum cleaner into the internet"

@solder_on why it doesn't run on bluetooth escapes me.

I've never been at work and thought

"I'd really like all the dust to be gone and all my cables to be in a mess on the floor when I get home"


more bandwidth, so that they can attempt to predict more information about what's in your home, maybe

that'd fit into the "monitoring you isn't legally wrong" mindset of the corps, I suspect. yet, how often a person rearranges furniture, probable floorspace of their home, how much furniture they probably have, etc. -- all would be useful to a crafty data miner type, I suspect

or it's new vacuuming techniques maybe? who knows

@solder_on if it was a proper roomba, I'd agree. It's a Eufy, I honestly think if it was learning from data it's learning how to wrap itself in cables faster

@Eden busy sending the plans of your house to the NSA ? :troll:

@Eden how did it get on your WiFi without the password? o_O

@polychrome through my phone, if I remember correctly. But it was a while ago and I'd forgotten I'd allowed it

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