Hey aceans - What do you edit in?

I'm using VSCode a lot, but I don't really feel like it's all that solid at completion and helping me code better.

@codesections I've been a little pushed towards kakoune on mac, I'm still trying it out, but I know a lot of people like it as a kinda-like-vim :) I do quite like vim though, it's just a shame it doesn't seem to fit well with a windows laptop!

@kungtotte @codesections

I'm trying IntelliJ right now, but I'll try gVim after, thanks!

Yup! Tried to learn it recently and I had to start writing it down on notecards because I kept vimming it.

I do wish they had a better intro like Vim for "Here's what you need to get started, and here's how to do common tasks"

I haven't used it myself, but the #intellij #Rust plugin has a good reputation afaik. It's also not based on RLS/racer, unlike most other IDE integrations (including vscode)

@Eden @codesections I use emacs for everything and rust but I’m not sure that’s the advice you’re looking for 😬

Wrote this which is almost still relevant some time ago

@Eden I use Atom for everything. I find it integrates rust pretty well and some additional packages come in very handy (git+, console, etc.)

Have a look, I find it's a great cross-platform editor :

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