So I'm moving up to Edinburgh in the next three months. Do I know anyone connected on Masto who lives up there? :)

Would love any advice you have!

@Eden does it count if I'd like to live there too? 😁 such a beautiful city!

@Eden I just came back from there (visiting for a job related process). It is a wonderful place and apparently much cheaper than London.

@soapdog Same! Just had a week in the centre, loved it. Feels very much cheaper, especially for housing etc.

@Eden I don't have any, but wish you a great time in a wonderful city. Nice time of year to be moving, too.

@sullybiker Thank you! It's very wet and a little snowy up there right now, so I'm glad to be doing it later in the year

@Eden I live in Glasgow. @fitheach used to live in Edinburgh and @jk might also be able to help.

@Eden is an excellent curry house 🙂 Was that the sort of advice you wanted?

@yojimbo *fuck* yeah it was, you got any wing bars too? (;

@Eden I didn't spend long enough there on my last trip sadly. And memories of previous trips are ... cloudy. Hogmanay was involved.

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