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Worryingly I can feel depression creeping back into my life.

It's like it goes away for long enough to think I'm doing something right, then the tide returns.

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@schlink Oh my god that's actually a real QoL boost

Who the FUCK is waiting untilthey get to the checkout before deciding

"No, actually. I will put everything back in my basket and go find some clementines, that tiny picture of them under a category that isn't 'Oranges' or 'Fruit' or 'Zesty Fruit' has convinced me"

Piss off Tesco.

Figured I must be doing something wrong.

My hair doesn't react well enough to my shampoo, and I was so confused.

So I *read* the bottle.
"Use 8 - 15 pumps of shampoo."


I finally got a Scyther in pokemon go!

I went through Kensington Gardens, and finally finally finally saw one flash up, and for once used the track feature to go hunt it down. I've wanted one for *ages* so I'm so satisfied

@mykola yesssss, that sounds amazing! Ooh, you could use the user account of the logged in user to colour the theme accent :)

Most needed feature - name hyperlinks so I can @ gagron

Has anyone on here been to a Sunday Assembly?

I'm tempted to go to the local one, but no idea what the vibe is like

ugh I have to tidy up, but I've just had a cup of tea and it's a friday and I want a nice sleep :(

Do you know how to get put on my spam list at work?

it's by starting an email

Subject: "Where are you?"

Message "Hi, guess you're wondering about the subject line - this was in the top ten titles for email responses so I thought I'd try it ..."

@schlink But you're right that optimisation is also a very real consideration - it'd be cool to have the equivalent to eigen in Rust, even though I'm sure it'd be a colossal task.

@schlink There's a few I've seen, but their APIs have always driven me away from using them over just putting everything in a big vector and writing a function to deal with lookups.

I did a project in rust last year that was writing a clustering algorithm.

When I did it, I realised that putting everything into Vec<Vec<>> structs was super bad for lookup times when I had to consider calculations between rows in separate columns.

But in this case I feel like I should do the opposite. I guess this is a case where I'll get to the end, speed test it, and make a decision.

And I'm 100% some of my early decisions are going to come back to haunt me.

I'm working with multiple columns of data, so I decided to put it all into a single vector that I would reference into throughout the program.

The columns don't interact in any way, so honestly right now I'm considering doing a huge refactor to put them into separate vectors.

Okay, code things are pretty much done for today.

I kinda thought this decision tree project would be easier. I'm *enjoying* it still, and I feel like I'm quite close to having a basic model, but a lot of it is definitely getting stuck into optimisation traps.

Project start
.unwrap_or_else("Error in module X - issue with Y initialisation");

Project end

@kungtotte @codesections Oh wow, it's fairly blatant there. I totally skimmed over it.