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Object permenance is fuckin bullshit, if you exist when I'm not looking, fuck you.

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Does anybody have any links to docs that discuss pair programming with kids? Either adult-kid pairs or kid-kid pairs. #OneTeachOne

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This happens every few weeks when some tech arsehole comes out and does something.

"They're a sociopath" screams the absolutely not a psychiatrist, who's never met the person, who intends to just malign them as evil.

Like you realise sociopathy has treatments, yeah?

Reminder that Sociopathy/Antisocial Personality Disorder is a medical condition.

Stop using sociopath as a slur on people who do unethical things.

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So like I've been ill for 3 weeks now. I'm pretty sure it's bronchitis, but reading the NHS page and I'm like this is either the longest bronchitis or I actually have pneumonia and I doubt I have that

You know what'd be nice?

Some people have a cheat day with their habits. They're trying to improve themselves, do exercise or eat in a certain way, and they have a day off.

We need a cheat MH day where I can be miserable and impulsive and destroy all my friendships and forget about it the next day

@aral or just living your best life

reasons for post op;

small brain; reduce dysphoria
medium brain; wear nicer clothing
galactic brain; pee less

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@yojimbo *fuck* yeah it was, you got any wing bars too? (;

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i think we need more appreciation of slowness

the only way to do learn how to do a good thing quickly is to do a good thing slowly over and over and over ime

and thatʼs something productivity culture is extremely bad at accounting for

@fitheach @wim_v12e @jk Oh definitely. I'd love to live that centrally! I was looking into Currie Hill as it seemed a little more affordable according to zoopla etc :)

@soapdog Same! Just had a week in the centre, loved it. Feels very much cheaper, especially for housing etc.

@sullybiker Thank you! It's very wet and a little snowy up there right now, so I'm glad to be doing it later in the year