(I quite like Billie Eilish and I have no idea why Reddit seems to hate her so much)

@sanspoint Does it matter how it's marketed if it's having a net positive to a group of people who need it?

More to the point, this isn't a mindfulness is good/bad scenario - I'm pointing out that the article is failing to address one of the major benefits of mindfulness & the mainstream marketing that has allowed to help people who wouldn't otherwise have access.

We don't have to relegate these issues to absolutely positive/problematic. It can be problematic & have postitive characteristics.

@sanspoint For people with these conditions, daily life is unbearable.

There is no way for them to construct a life that would avoid harm and 'toxic' situations, and mindfulness provides the tools to cope.

This is not an 'auto-exploit', it is an essential form of therapy. The fact that people without these conditions are finding issue with it seems to be par for the course.

@sanspoint I'm concerned that the article ignores the therapeutic use of mindfulness in techniques lke Dialetical Behaviour Therapy, which is one of the few coping mechanisms/'cures' for personality disorders.

The mass-marketing of mindfulness has actually improved the resources this group has access to, and has lowered the cost to access them.

extinction rebellion, fashbook (-) 

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I can't be on sunbeam anymore, and my other weirder.earth account doesn't feel right. I think this is sustainable.

@sophia please don't demonise corvids like this :(

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@mcmoots THAT'S A THING?!

Oh my goodness, I'm buying like twelve copies, that looks great.

It being the compilation and FFI, we now have two others in the team who have an okay knowledge of Rust, and quite a few better at maths than I am

Like it ain't complex, but I wrote out mutual information as a Rust function so that I could use it in a work R package.

And it works! And now people working on the project compile Rust, but without any real need to know how it works. (It was in C before, but the FFI to Rust is fairly okay)

Converting maths to code still feels like abstract witchcraft and I'm so damn proud whenever I can do it

@gretathunberg I'm not being dismissive that 2019 is significant, but 2016/2002 are really close to this.

Global warming is happening/the ice sheet is melting more significantly than it was, but 2019 is not a dramatic year as seen by the data so far. They even note it in the article "Above Average, but nothing to write Home about" nsidc.org/greenland-today/2019

@darius Ooh, you could have a feature that works out when you're regularly online, and makes sure you're okay if you're suddenly spending longer than you'd expect online.

@grainloom you need like a desk-pool, thaht's nonsense :(

So people in my team at work wanted to learn , and it turns out a lot of them learn through the exercise thing.

I made a mini-repo I'm going to be adding to over the next few weeks (gitlab.com/EdenHyacinth/ferrou) - If anyone has any ideas for mini examples I can add I'd love to hear it.

@artsyhonker Yup. "If you act as if the problem is fixed it'll fix the problem"

@krista I think their intentions were good, but they massively misunderstood what it's like.

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