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Like if you already own mild chillies, 100% do this at the end of a season.

If you don't, pay £11 for a tin of paprika and you won't notice the difference anyway

Thinking of making some caramelised onion chutney later, I'm really feeling the whole home cook thing lately and I'd love to have some on hand for cooking

Ooh, I made some paprika last night too. It smells absolutely heavenly but took 5 hours in the oven and made all of ten teaspoons from a handful of chillies

Aaah the stock is fucking gorgeous. I'm so happy and feel all witchy and wholesome

I'm making stock for the first time tonight and I feel very rural :)

despite stopping me from working, I still love her?

paired programming has gotten harder since I started working from home

Recently I managed to update the tech stack for my team.

Not a lot, but the first major update in three years.

And their reaction was pretty minimal. I feel a little.. Frustrated that a victory I thought I was having for their benefit isn't well received.

I've been wondering what I want to do for a while now.

I think a data witch is exactly the right term for it.

Top tier rust tip 

semi-nsfw, no eye contact, interaction+ 

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semi-nsfw, no eye contact, interaction+ 

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My dogs curled up at home and I'm on a train in London.

There's no justice.

I wonder if we could make a pokemon look like a victorian factory and simultaneously its owner

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