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Jesse Jerrik @Jerrik

I'm baaaack.

Account previously known as Jvrrxk.

Here have some new photos.

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@Jerrik oh wow this is seriously beautiful! I tried knitting but my nerve issues made it tough. It’s a lovely color, what kind of yarn did you use?



A 50/50 cotton-acrylic blend by Red Heart, "it's a wrap", super fine weight, "Documentary".

There are three sections of blue colour, and this shawl only used up roughly half of the 1000 metres, it was a very good buy! I'm enjoying working with it too, easy to block, holds its shape very well.

@Jerrik that is just gorgeous. welcome back!


Blue Winter Flower by Astrid Schmidt-Nielsen on Ravelry!

It was free back in January which is when I got my paws on it. :3