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MustRead (I think) for white trans* folks:
"The Killing of Trans Women Is Inseparable from Black Lives Matter"

For us (white) trans* folks, that means: The struggle against trans* discrimination is worth nothing without being actively anti-racist, too! This is something we owe all our BIPOC trans* sisters - those who died already, and especially those who live.

Berlin, Pride, BDS 

Berlin, Pride, BDS 

Berlin, Pride, BDS 

Happy Sysadmin-Day, folks! :flan_hurrah:

Thank you so much for running this space and keeping it safe and cozy for all of us. You are awsome, and I truely appreciate it!

Berlin Pride, TERFs 

My Progress Pride flag arrived! Can't wait to take it with me to Dyke March and CSD (pride march) this weekend.

(Until now, I haven't seen one in Berlin, yet. I'm curious if I'll be the first person to introduce it to our local scene.)

News and details about FinFisher/FinSpy trojan software suit by German company Gamma (aka Elaman). This software is supposedly being used by German federal police BKA:

(RTing, via @anneroth )

Looking for an alternative to that does not support gab. Must-have: confirmation for RTing/liking. Nice to have: bookmarks.
I've been looking into , but it seems to not support CWs (can't open content), and seems to lack confirmation dialogs.
Any other suggestions?

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: Soen - Martyrs

"We are the ashes and the seeds":

Thank you @bkastl for the tipp. You mentioned that bandname some time ago, and I really like it!

Berlin: Alternative Pride, June 28 

Nebenjob, Berlin 

Pride Month: Remembering our history 

I survived my session at - there were about 25-30 participants, I felt more confused than I was perceived, so I guess that's a success, after all. Thank you, @reticuleena for your support! :)

I'm at the Women's Barcamp by FCZB (Women's Computer Center Berlin). Just proposed a session about and and am overwhelmed by the interest in the topic.

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The #Bash has the notion of "integer" variable:

declare A=1; declare -i B=2
A+=3; B+=4
echo $A $B
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