Happy new year, everybody! May this year be kind and generous to you. May your wishes come true, your identity respected, your uniqueness be celebrated. May this year become a turning point towards the better for the world and all of us!

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God: you’re a mammal.

Whale: like a bat?

God: yes exactly!

Whale: i’m a bat!

God: no.

Whale: oh.

God: you use echolocation.

Whale: omg i’m a bat!

God: no you aren’t a bat.

Whale: oh : (

God: you can sleep upside down.

Whale: [happy gasp] i’m the splashiest water bat!


One special case are books:

I love libraries, but often they're not accessible very well, or I don't have time. Online libraries require a Adobe ID which I don't have.
So I do buy books, and I have learned that I can't "work" with ebooks very well. I buy novels as ebooks and political/scientific books as paperback editions if I suspect I may consult them more than once or twice. When buying ebooks, I only buy DRM-free one, obviously - which automatically rules out amazon as a reseller.


As with every good set of rules, there's exceptions to every one:

1. Shoes, underwear, and certain tech stuff (computer cables) I buy new, just as products that can be expected to lose a lot of quality when in use.

2. I recently got a thermos mug that has a plastic lid (it's new, too).
With animal products, I stick to the primary materials and don't "care" about glue or the like.

3. With the questions, I don't have fixed exceptions, I just try to be honest with myself, but not too strict. 5/x

This gets me quite far, especially question #2. Often, it turnes out that I don't really have a specific purpose in mind for something beyond "may prove useful" or "I could do something nice with it." Obviously, it does create some extra effort, but things that I really need (or really want to have) are worth it, and everything else just stays away.


I have 3 basic rules and 4 "consumption questions," i.e. questions I need to answer to myself before bying something:
# Basic rules
1. Buy everything 2nd-hand.
2. Don't by things (in part or entirely) made of plastic or animal products.
3. check the "consumption questions." (see below)

# Consumption questions
1. Do I need it?
2. What do I need it for?
3. Do I need to own it, or can I borrow it?
4. Can I also get it 2nd-hand? (see above)


I figured, maybe my strategies can be interesting for others, even though they will probably not work for anyone exactly like they do for me. But well, here we go, and it's actually not that much. 2/x

This thread is a follow-up to a discussion I had with @distel about and strategies realier today:

Over the years, I have moved house quite often, and eventually I tried to modify my consumption habits, rather than accumulating "stuff" and moving it every time. 1/x

And these may not be anthems, but I'd really like to draw attention to these artists:

Namoli Brennet - Boy in a dress:

Ahnoni (performing as Antony & the Johnsons) - For today I'm a boy

Jessica 6 - Fun girl

Rae Spoon and Elisha Lim - Stand by your trans

Aerea Negrot - Right body, wrong time

(now I'll stop. Promise.)

Pro Tipp #1: Never change passwords before your second coffee.

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I have a gig for a performance in January! :flan_guitar:

That's incredibly exciting, because it's going to be the first time for me to perform in several years. And I have never done live improvisation before. Moreover, the people who have invited me are way more professional than I am, so I'm flattered and intimidated at the same time. But I'm really looking forward to it.

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Before the day is done (in my timezone), I hope every one of you who's into that has had a great queer christmas (aka: Halloween). 🎃

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