I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

@a_breakin_glass @Qwyrdo For a given value of fun, yeah - I find doing the things science papers teach me to do properly to be fun, and more fun because I know the mechanisms behind what I'm doing.

Occasionally, yes. I don't go out of my way to, but if I'm reading on a topic and the journal article level stuff isn't quite answering my questions, I'll go right to the source, if it's available. And I can understand it.

@Qwyrdo not as much as I used to, but I love the thoughts and perspectives I find.

@Qwyrdo usually read academic papers, generally. Not a ton of science.

@Qwyrdo Occasionally I read compsci papers. Though mostly I focus on reading code instead.

@Qwyrdo it's been a long time since I had database access like that, but when I was in undergrad I used to research random stuff that caught my fancy!

@Qwyrdo No but i would like to be able to read them more easily. And FIND THEM EASILY.

@Qwyrdo i mean, yea. i'm in academia to begin with because i enjoy it (well, some aspects of it)

@Qwyrdo I probably would do it if they were in my native langage, but I prefer to watch youtube videos about them, I don't have the kind of concentration needed for that

@Qwyrdo Not individually, but I have books that are collections of academic essays which I will browse occasionally. Mostly psychology and art history right now.

@Qwyrdo @Gargron I said yes, but tbh I never have time to finish them. Plus they are often over my head.

@Qwyrdo Not directly but I do have a lot of fun going on research binges about whatever my latest obsession is, and I read a lot of scientific papers doing that.

@Qwyrdo I'm not sure if you could call it pleasure (Often I want to know and learn from the specifics or see what that celebratory popsci article about said paper left out), but yes, at least semi-frequently.

@Qwyrdo I not only read scientific papers, but send fanmail to researchers. Sometimes I have questions and usually give appreciation. They rarely reply. But I hope they feel encouraged.

@Shufei I would feel encouraged. As a scientist you get so little feedback.Thank you. @Qwyrdo

@Qwyrdo yes, the ones I read for fun are usually related to my field or model organism but not important for my research

@Qwyrdo I don't really seek them out, but if I get a copy of a CompSci journal at a conference or something, I'll cheerfully read the whole thing.

"pleasure" is hard to define here.

But yes, I read it for information purposes, to hone my skills, mind and thinking.

I do it because of a sense of purpose and duty

@Qwyrdo I usually read computer science or math papers for fun, but occasionally I'll come across a medicine or psychology or physics paper that I really don't have the background for but read anyway, just because it sounds like it presents an interesting result

@Qwyrdo does what if count as scientific papers?
otherwise not really but i could see myself doing that.

@Qwyrdo i mostly open the articles and "keep it for later" but yes

@Qwyrdo *points to @chara* for a while you weren't reading anything _else_ for pleasure

@Qwyrdo I don't, but I know my father does (he specifically likes astronomy). I guess I should have answered "Yes" haha

@Qwyrdo I mostly read the IT, security and related stuff. Academic papers are like newspapers, but funded by industrial big corps instead of political parties - very entertaining!

@Qwyrdo Occasionally I'll read one from the era of cowboy chemistry to marvel at their terrifying laboratory environment. There was one I tried to chase down on the first synthesis of carbon diselenide - apocryphally they had to evacuate a nearby village because of the smell - but my German wasn't up to the task.

@Qwyrdo I'll answer 'yes' on behalf of one person who I know does (not in academia) ...

@Qwyrdo Yeah sometimes, even if I don't fully understand it a lot of papers have very interesting concepts

@Qwyrdo Well, Yes because it happened, although not so much lately as I lack the time, those I still read are for a purpose, not, absolutely not, for pleasure.

if you define "pleasure" as slacking off at work and still getting paid for it, then yes.

@Qwyrdo @Krita I do read and review them, but not for fun.. no


I had to vote no, but I want to. I haven't had the time or attention span

@Qwyrdo I used to think that my friend who did this was a HUGE NERD and couldn't believe it, but now I do it all the time
Glad that he bravely went ahead and inspired me to learn and grow!

@Qwyrdo Not often, but only because of the limited supply, but when I come across openn science journals etc., I love them.

@Qwyrdo this is the largest poll we've ever seen on the Fediverse in terms of engagement.

That's cool

@Qwyrdo Do... *computer science* (which arguably is more engineering than science) papers count? If so, yes

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