Hi, I'm Ember! I'm moving from , and I'm excited to be at because I'm extremely weird and proud of it.

I'm currently in college studying anthropology, which is a good fit for me, because as an Autistic person I feel like I'm constantly studying people and trying to understand a culture that is foreign to me.

I also love languages and linguistics and I'm currently trying to learn French and Arabic.

I'm nonbinary, asexual, and really fucking queer, which is an issue because my entire family is super Evangelical. I'll definitely be posting angst about that, but I always make sure to CW those posts.

I recently chose the name Ember because I feel like it represents me very well. I've been burnt down and for a long time I felt like a single spark surrounded by darkness, but I'm still here and ready to flare up and burn shit down.

@RadiantEmber Hey, welcome! :metal_hmn_g1:

Funny, I was just thinking about that instance this morning and wondering if it was doing ok. Seems like I saw a lot of posts from folks for awhile then hadn't seen any recently.

I don't have any evangelical connections, but I did used to be mainstream protestant and no longer identify as religious of any stripe, so I felt I could relate to some of the losing-my-faith narratives.

Welcome to WE! :_gayheart2:

@compostablespork Many of us have moved elsewhere (actually several to I think) and a lot of the community is focused more on Discourse now.

I don't think the fediverse was a great fit for everyone showing up on the instance, and a lot of them don't want to interact with many people outside of the instance anyway.

It's really hard to make a community out of people just starting to question Evanglicalism and those really hurt by it

@RadiantEmber Interesting! Thanks for the insight there. It is always really interesting when a community moves en mass to the Mastoverse, although I haven't personally seen that kind of creation of a new instance that federated but also seemed to mostly want to talk amongst themselves. (But then I don't intersect with a lot of federated, so I miss stuff a lot.) Mostly what we've seen before are big tides of Tumblr users or Twitterfolk bailing. Those have been disruptive sometimes.

@RadiantEmber Also, yes, I can imagine it's challenging to find community safe norms among people across such a wide range of emotions connecting on what's such an intensely personal and sensitive experience.

@compostablespork @RadiantEmber There is a fork of Mastodon that allows instance-only discussions, and may be headed that direction as well. I wish this were more widely available for instances that are structured around a specific topic, like social.theliturgists. Anyway, welcome! I'm glad you've joined us.

@RadiantEmber Welcome! Wonderful to meet you and good luck with college!

@RadiantEmber I speak French, though as a slightly rusty second language. There is a French mastodon community (though community standards are a little different) if you want occasional French-language posts on your timeline.

@anne Yeah I follow some and frequently have no idea what they're saying lol

But a lot of that is because the French I learned wasn't so much the colloquial internet-speak version. I've picked up on some stuff though which is nice

@anne I'm also planning to make an account on soon to talk about language stuff!

@anne no wait it's

I keep making that mistake

@RadiantEmber @anne I would welcome you right away, but at the moment we're up to our user limit on our current hosting plan! :(

But keep an eye on it, it's possible that our registrations will open again in the future.

@RadiantEmber Hey ! Am French (and also queer), feel free to ask for help, or if you want some conversation in French. 🥐

@RadiantEmber welcome! I did anthropology as an undergrad, and I also love learning languages (and I'm interested in lingustics). Also ActuallyAutistic.

I hope weirder earth treats you well! 💜

@lapis Awesome! I haven't found many other Autistic anthropologists, though I think it's a good fit you know

@RadiantEmber I know another irl but she has no online presence afaik.

It definitely clicks well.

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