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Here is a link to a document by @noelle that helps me understand how Mastodon works, technically and sub-culturally.

Supporting the arts...

by postponing bedtime until the four-year-old finishes painting her picture.

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I'm always amazed at how liberating it is to just make a list of everything on my mind.

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an poem 

Waiting to update my driver's license.

Probably, a lot of the people waiting in this room have their birthday coming up this month.

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I play star dew valley in real life, and it's called gardening

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If you enjoy playing Minecraft or Don't Starve, then you might enjoy playing Forager.

My wife found a way to get the 4-year-old to have conversations with us:
pretend not to know key facts about the Paw Patrol pups.

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I’m up feeding the baby, so here’s some cowboy emojis:

:blobcowboy: :cowskel: :cowsquid: :fox_cowboy:

Going to see that new Ant-Man movie tonight!

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Saw someone harvesting something, probably dandelions, from a public lawn.

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stupid joke about Stargate 

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"how old are you?"
"I have a mortgage pre-approval."

@distel I'm writing a story about a person who cycles in the city to get to work and school.

If you could recommend 1 bike multitool, what would it be?

I'm not saying my 4-year-old got into a _lot_ of trouble,

but we met the person who owns the elevator buttons.

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