i cleaned and ever so slightly rearranged bun’s room and now she’s hiding in the burrow again 😅

darn bus driver took me halfway back to the market instead of letting me off at my requested stop. ugh!

first apartment inspection is next week. i can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months already! i love the place, and we’re lucky we moved before the fires as it wouldn’t have been as easy to keep the air clean in the old place.

i’m not a stomach sleeper but twice this morning i woke up up on my stomach clutching my pillow with a numb shoulder/upper arm. so strange.

if there weren’t such a thick smoke haze i would have a great view of the lightning storm that’s happening right now.

so i chucked yesterday’s book in favour of a collection of stories by Jesse Eisenberg. i didn’t know he was a writer before this, but was hooked by the end of the first page!

Australian Fires 

i think i’ve decided what i want for lounging around on my balcony - papasan settee.

i will measure the space tonight to see if there is enough room for it.

so i started reading that I Love Dick book. i’ve heard lots of good things about it, but so far i’m finding it to be a bit pretentious and meh?

i’m guessing that violet toned shampoo for blonde hair is the same as violet toned shampoo for purple hair, so i got the blonde one because cheaper.

also bought “male” texture powder because it’s cheaper than the “female” version by the same company.

spooked by a small, automated appliances restarting after a blackout (i guess?) and now i’m wide awake and too tense to fall back asleep

i have a bright puff of lavender on top of my head and i couldn’t be happier!

i have with me possibly the most lewd book i ever read.

(the opening paragraph is pretty brutal tho, so it’s not all fun and games)

on my way to get my hair did. cut, shave, bleach and dye - the whole nine yards.

i just let it grow this past year because i didn’t know what i wanted and the barber shops in the city became a bit of a hassle. now it’s long enough for a scrappy ponytail and it’s super annoying. ✂️

i still can’t believe it’s the year 2020 and we aren’t wearing silver jumpsuits and living on mars.

if we want this to be a place that is as welcoming to POC as it is to people who arent straight and cis, then as white people we are going to have to deal with being criticized and made uncomfortable. it's the absolute fucking least we can do

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