received my last Japan Crate (of Japanese snacks) yesterday.

i decided to change it up and switch to a craft kit subscription. i’m pretty excited, i’ll get to try out a bunch of different crafts i’m curious about, like mosaics.

5 hours later the maintenance guy leaves and i can finally listen to the next episode of My Dad Wrote A Porno

maintenance man: this is the worst building in melbourne

me: oh dear

do people like the Last Podcast on the Left? i’ve listened to a bunch of episodes and i’m not so sure. certainly the earlier episodes are a bit slur-heavy.

maintenance man is here today to fix up a bunch of small things so i had to catch bun and move her to the living room again. this time she saw me go out onto the balcony and was extremely wtf. pretty sure she’s never experienced a balcony before.

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on a more positive note, bun is exploring under the dining table under her own volition, though she didn’t come out until i started packing up for bed - which coincidentally is treat time.

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Tokyo Ghoul, no spoilers 

work ~ 

thought i was going to be early to work but i left my travel card at home. and you can’t get cards or single trip tickets at the train station.

in the end i had to pick her up and put her on the faux fur rug under the dining table, after she spent a few hours relaxing.

i laid on the fur rug while she explored and then settle in for a nose rub. afterwards i showed her the doorway to her room and she went in. after 10 minutes she popped back out under the table to check my reaction and then went back in.

i think it was a success

i successfully caught bun and set her up in the living room, so i could clean her room.

now i need to find a way to lead her back to her room (without picking her up) when she is a bit suspicious of me 😆

my main plan for the day is to tidy up and organise the living room for bun’s convenience. because tomorrow she must leave her room and discover the rest of the apartment. i really need to vacuum her room.

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