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when i was 9 years old i thought Prince's Batdance video was amazing. Ten years later, I thought it was corny. Now I think it's a masterpiece.

Is this what horseshoe theory is?


porcupines sound like Gizmo the Mogwai?? it’s the creepiest, cutest thing i’ve seen today

yesterday i napped instead of packing. i’m hoping to do a little better than yesterday

A small comic about trying to spot one of my fave birds that also happens to be very good at hiding.




MASTODON! The results are in! I finally found some time today to compile something that, while not perfect, gives a general idea of the results and what they mean.


AusPol, swears, trans youth, suicide mention 

The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) have an important message for you at work this Monday:


Respect yourselves, protect yourselves

The hours are long,
the pay is small,
so take your time,
and buck them all.


Did your boss work for every penny of his paycheck, or is some of that coming from your labor? Remember that the next time you think about "working hard:" you aren't paid for all the work you do anyway; why give away more for free?

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