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My old Mastadon instance got nuked, so her I am! Hi frenz, my name is Niko, 31, NYC/USA, ENG/PL, white, AFAB & genderweird & kinky & queer af, sober, physically disabled, visual artist, witch, metalhead, casual gamer, houseplant enthusiast, rabble-rouser, and many other things besides.

Rando interests:

is it gay to privatize? You literally making (a variable, etc.) private in scope. 😔

A goat with fat withers and white hocks screams at passerby

╱╲╱ ╳╳╳╳ ╲╱╲
╱ ╱╱╱╳╳╲╲╲ ╲
╱╱╳  ╳╳  ╳╲╲
╲╲╳  ╳╳  ╳╱╱
╲ ╲╲╲╳╳╱╱╱ ╱
╲╱╲ ╳╳╳╳ ╱╲╱

The sixth annual international Gender Census 2019 is now open until 25th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

Oh gosh I had a good idea for a toot while I was walking to the bathroom earlier but now I've forgotten it...

Sometimes I think about the fact that my therapist still hasn't seen Shrek and I get really upset

I fucking love Shake Shack because the food is good AND they always offer to bring my order to my table so I don't have to negotiate carrying a tray while using my cane

good beevening (that's good evening to bees)

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