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N I ( ◉﹏◉) K O @aloosefruit@weirder.earth

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My old Mastadon instance got nuked, so her I am! Hi frenz, my name is Niko, 31, NYC/USA, ENG/PL, white, AFAB & genderweird & kinky & queer af, sober, physically disabled, visual artist, witch, metalhead, casual gamer, houseplant enthusiast, rabble-rouser, and many other things besides.

Rando interests:

If you got somethin' to say
say it right away

good beevening (that's good evening to bees)

Scully is kidnapped by a maniac cult leader. Doggett discharges his weapon at a satan worshipper.

Queer update: I'm dazzlingly queer right now.

My friend and I are trying to make dinner plans on Thursday and I forgot it's Valentine's Day so this is impossssssssible lol

Please Boost me. I need to reach the top shelf!

Good morning mastofriends I am full of coffee and I can breathe through my nose!!!

I can't stop thinking about The Lobster

I have been sick forever and I will continue to be sick forever probably and I guess that is okay!

it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

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