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19th November 1994: Meat Loaf, Cardiff International Arena

Not the coolest opening to a gig history ever, but this was the very first rock/pop concert I went to (at the not-especially-tender age of 15), and I love the original Bat Out Of Hell to this day.

Riding high off the back of Bat Out Of Hell 2, Meat sold out the whole Cardiff International Arena where the previous year he'd only managed the Welsh National Ice Rink.

I wore my black leather jacket. We had seated tickets, but all the thirtysomethings around me & my friend Hywel stood up and danced badly, so we did the same.

The guy could really fucking sing back then.


I'm beginning to suspect that Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 is starting to cater exclusively to me. First they broadcast a mixtape by Sunn O))), and now one by Teju Cole: (free to listen worldwide)

Current mood: disproportionately pleased with myself for referring to something as a '363 kilo gorilla'.

Been really spoiled for good music lately, but the Lafawndah album in particular is a fantastic piece of work:

Can anyone recommend a guide to processing RAW image files? Preferably one that can be followed using Linux-compatible software.

(Also, I'd be interested if anyone has any strong preferences on what software to use.)

First proper day in Costa Rica: visited Arenal volcano (at least, as close as they'll let you get) then some thermal baths to soak out the pains from our journey here.

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the πŸ™‚ emoji, you have to start it with the πŸ™ƒ emoji

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Long-time lurker on the shop: not so good at an #introduction so instead I'll answer the question "What book do you wish you'd written?"

'Ice' by Anna Kavan, a deeply strange work that keeps pulling me back with the sheer power of its atmosphere. It kind of looks like SF, but it's actually more of a dark recurring dream.

Its opening is one of the most addressing I've read: one line, "Reality had always been something of an unknown quantity to me", practically gives me shivers.

Tell me yours!

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