Just about completely de-googled my phone, thanks to a combination of:

- OmniROM (
- microG (
- and NanoDroid ( to help install microG

I'm no expert on these things, but happy to give people pointers if anyone's interested.

* LineageOS For MicroG ( looks great & provides this in a single install, but isn't maintained for my particular phone.

Due to inexorable laws of physics, everything in the universe will eventually be covered in coffee stains.

As a developer, I've concluded that there are 3 main types of system that you can work with:

1. Systems that you want to understand so that you can work with them better.
2. Systems that you seek to understand so that you can overcome them like an opponent.
3. Systems that the mere act of attempting to understand already constitutes a defeat.

Not naming any names because I don't want to shit on anyone else's work, and I know how personal these kinds of preferences are.

Work (-) 

teaching crabs how to read is forbidden knowledge

Video games 

Video games 

Really missed out on the opportunity to attach a tag to that post.

Revived my sourdough starter after ~9 months of neglect, and after a couple of days of feeding it seems fairly happy. I didn't expect it to be this hardy.


please enjoy this AESTHETIC image I made in 2011 by scanning a kindle and putting the image on said kindle multiple times

The first dinosaur to be discovered by accident was the serendiplidocus.

The best way to clean between the spines of a hedgehog is actually to use another hedgehog.

Just be careful to use one of the correct polarity, or they can be very difficult to separate.

This is turning out to be a vintage year for seeing music live. This weekend just gone (thanks to Simple Things festival) I got to see a new piece by William Basinski, with live laser visuals on an IMAX screen; the ever-marvellous Holly Herndon (pictured); and AΓ―sha Devi, whose performance was way beyond what I was expecting.

On Thursday Sunn O))) are in town, who I also don't expect to disappoint.

UK, Universal Credit, Job Centre, Organising, Mutual Aid 

Of all the places I pass on my commute, I have to say that this is my favourite.

Stuck in an alternate universe where, instead of a pink laser, our hidden reality was revealed to Philip K. Dick via a pink razor.

It's good to remember that you never feel alone in a room full of wasps.

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