hi all!! i'm moona, your local fenno-ugric linguist! new to, not that new to masto anymore. lately i've been into historical fashion, video editing, writing and reading spec fiction and umm i guess i should say my MA thesis 😰 i'm moving to ivalo, lapland in a week and starting a new job there, so you can expect updates about that as well 😊

@anomyy historical fashion is really fascinating. What eras are you drawn to?

@savagegoose it is! um, generally i'm more into earlier periods/simpler peasant fashion, but especially i'm interested in prehistoric (viking age), early medieval (13th-15th century) and now also 18th century thanks to outlander :D i made early medieval costumes for me and my partner last spring, and my next big project is 18th century peasant costume with stays and such. i like my costumes with a local twist, so for the 18th century dress I'm drawing inspiration from Finnish regional dresses :)

@savagegoose thanks! there's a lot to learn. i mix methods, because i don't aim for 100 % historical accuracy (if such a thing is even possible), but rather historical looking, and sparing myself where ever possible. of course, i'm getting more and more into handsewing, and it does affect the look, so i don't know :D i've done theater costumes for a long time now, where time's an important limit, so the idea that maybe i don't have to rush all of my sewing feels fresh🐈

@anomyy welcome, fellow weirdo!!

i frequently think of that far northern region this time of year; i was in norbotten county a few years ago, but in august, and thus it makes me wonder about the long dark scandanavian winter as the dual.

i have some friends who are interested (and work on) historical viking fashion, too, so i would love to hear about what you work on :)

@rabbithearth hi and thank you!

i was in ivalo already for a week during new year, when we initially moved our stuff there, and yeah, it's some weird shit! but beautiful. it isn't 24/7 pitch black there, but more like sunset for 5 hours a day. the light reflects back from the snow and the sky is pale pink, blue and orange and yeah, i already fell in love.

yas for historical fashion! finnish viking age fashion is cool, because it's a mix of scandinavian and eastern styles. def on my to-do list!

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