I am being social today and i am nervous about it

i half thought today was friday until I was scared into reality by someone saying they would book time for us to meet tomorrow.

looks like I defeated it in less than 10 minutes???

it is time to tackle the thing that stumped me for two hours friday afternoon....

modern life is checking my phone impatiently for an email update about the power outage

power went out before i got around to showering, which is still better than While i’m showering

who among us would not, right now, love to go lie down in the soft moss in a forest and sleep

at the stage of debugging where you're labeling tmp variables "wtf"

I have not been feeling very Halloween y, but i am pretty happy to have trick or treaters tonight. Feels like doing something to be part of the neighborhood

A latino owned, queer-friendly, majority-femme software company that builds education software for Montessori schools is hiring a full-time engineer, either on-site in Seattle or remote. ~2ish years experience either in Rails or React preferred.

They're very synchronous and face-to-face pairing/discussion oriented but work well with introverts such as myself.

Boosts appreciated. HMU if you want an intro or go tohttps://www.transparentclassroom.com/developers


just whining 

software is not sexy
please do not fuck the software

she was very happy to eat some wet food this morning, so things are looking pretty good

Tell me all your tips and tricks for switching a cat from kibble to wet food

oh no, now the event has conflicting reports of the start time. social anxiety is winning.

social anxiety vs. love of singing in groups, FIGHT

i work from home. USUALLY not in my pajamas. but TODAY...

PDX Locals! If some of you'd like to attend the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (retrogamingexpo.com), but can't afford a pass, DM me. I get a bunch of free ones for volunteering and would love to give some away.

weekday mornings I have coffee first thing, but then I often make a cup of decaf to have while working. moar coffee is soothing even if it's placebo coffee.

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