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Melissa Santos

i'm pretty sure it's still cold out there.

gonna leave the house for the first time since friday. deeply suspicious.

still amused every time a line chart kind of looks like batman

I got a lot accomplished today. Still wishing for no snow!

Anyone know any US-based public librarians who are active on the fediverse? I don't just mean aware of it, I mean actively participating on at least one federated social media instance

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I started a new job at the beginning of November. I picked French and Swedish practice back up in January, and today I am bringing back German practice. But I might not be hardcore enough for Duolingo French -> German anymore.

I made a dashboard that has 2 levels of drilldown in it. I am delighted!

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“all i do is sleep” i say, as i get into bed at 9pm on a friday

actually getting useful feedback at work! feels weird but good

Born too late to have a career doing R&D at Xerox PARC, born too early to be inoculated to the daily horrors of climate collapse

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#Matrix is a free open decentralised set of standards for messaging, calling and videocalling.

The developers have an official account on here at:


The easiest way to use Matrix is through the #Riot app:

It's available for Android (including via @fdroidorg as well as Google Play), iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. (Download links are all on the official site, at the bottom of the screen.)

#AlternativesAtoZ #Messaging #VOIP

"keep going, buddy! keep going, you're doing great" I tell the sourdough as it rises.