Survived the half of the Texas adventure that involves me driving. Now, just work

hello texas. it is warm here. we go straight to driving

Tomorrow i go to texas for a week. Seeing friends, seeing family, going into the office. Driving about eight hours this weekend. It is a lot

all i’ve done today is get brunch and go to singing

when you take up a big table at the coffee shop and none of your friends show up to share it :(

my most important hobby is trying to make friends

tonight: baking cookies to bring to board games tomorrow

extremely me problems: I can't take a nap after this meeting because I have to bake bread

Home. Pajamas. Frozen pizza. Bottle of wine.

i did math for work AND I uploaded it to github. it's like I'm technical.

hey PNW nerds, anyone interested in playing lots of board games this saturday? I'm thinking about going in a whenever I get up to whenever I'm tired of it way.

"Invalid operation: argument of LIMIT must not contain subqueries;"

I probably shouldn't be trying to do date math in the limit portion of a sql stmt

i sort of want to go visit my friends in denver this summer, but i also feel impossibly lazy and filled with inertia

Yes Flagpole Sitta is Harvey Danger's one hit, but they're actually a great band and you should check out their other stuff especially King James Version

I've had _Like a Prayer_ stuck in my head for a week

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