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Melissa Santos

Otoh just realized i forgot to take an entire day’s worth of meds

successfully took bus to and from a good restaurant!

less anxious to take the bus in a strange city than to take a lyft

when you make a graph someone asked for and it's just... bad. unreadable.

literally msging people "tell me how cool this is"

I have no chill when i've made something cool and i'm dying for someone to look at it

counting things is still really hard

love to end the week sending a work email about how a thing I did months ago that we've used in decisions is wrong.

the sounds of the wind is making me feel cold

pounding on my desk chanting "I am so smart"

i'm pretty sure it's still cold out there.

gonna leave the house for the first time since friday. deeply suspicious.

still amused every time a line chart kind of looks like batman

I got a lot accomplished today. Still wishing for no snow!

Anyone know any US-based public librarians who are active on the fediverse? I don't just mean aware of it, I mean actively participating on at least one federated social media instance

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I started a new job at the beginning of November. I picked French and Swedish practice back up in January, and today I am bringing back German practice. But I might not be hardcore enough for Duolingo French -> German anymore.

I made a dashboard that has 2 levels of drilldown in it. I am delighted!

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