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Death part two 


A few years ago, I slipped on some ice and broke my leg. The forecast for all of next week is freezing and snow. I am super nervous about leaving the house at all.

back to reading to elementary kids! it's a great reset because it's hard to fret about anything else when a squirmy kid is getting who and how mixed up at you.

And then i read an entire book while sitting around in my pjs. Exactly the energy I’m going for

Start as you mean to go - I left my daylight alarm on and got up at my normal time despite being up late. Watching sunrise with coffee and ready for longer days

I had mulled wine and bubbly wine and friends to share them with. Everyone went home before one am, and left me plenty of snacks for the next few days. Happy new year friends.

Your annual review and the mortifying ordeal of being known.

I'm going down to san francisco this weekend, and my saturday (and sunday morning) are amazingly unbooked. Anyone want to hang out?

Holiday party hangover but it’s just worry/regret that every small talk thing you said was dumb

timezones are amazing. I woke up at my normal alarm time, but I also definitely still feel like it's 2 hours earlier than it is here. ☕️

I fell down and skinned my elbow and knee and i feel really pitiful. Yay work travel and walking around strange cities

me: oh ive got a lot of things to do. better start
me, after finishing one (1) thing: that was so amazing of me now i get to do nothing else for the rest of the day

I was nervous about doing a thing, and then I canceled doing the thing, and now i feel bad for feeling relieved about not doing the thing. lots of emotions for ultimately not doing anything.

I work remote and my work sends me a snack box once a month since the in-office people get snacks.

This is mostly great except days when I eat too much junk for lunch and feel bad. (Birthday cake flavored rice cakes!)

monday! and it's a short week for many of us!

just kidding, would rather not be working

is it too soon to put together the invite for my new years eve party? i fell asleep thinking happily about it

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