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The GOODYEAR blimp

unethical archivists justifying preserving social networks by saying "they should know everything on the internet is forever" is frustrating. YOU decide this with your actions. not everything should be preserved.

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Yes, white people, you actually have to put some honest work into making sure the fedi does not become a haven for bigots.

The core of the problem isn't that the fedi has hateful people. They are always going too be around.

The problem is that people that are in a position to help with the issue usually don't and just choose to hide.

That's how intolerance and hate perpetuates itself. It exploits the gap of indifference.

We can be better. The question is why don't we.

its almost memorial day which means its almost the anniversary of this classic deleted tweet from the official spongebob account

@Taweret @lyliawisteria

Every panel of this comic has madness in it, so I'm resisting the temptation to just photograph every single page, but this panel is too good.

BREAKING NEWS: The US Supreme Court has ruled that Yoda is officially a muppet, meaning Star Wars and Sesame Street take place in the same extended universe

Your cranky completely random reminder to back up your important files regardless of where you keep them. 'It's on an external drive, not the computer' doesn't mean it's immune to failure, damage, or loss.

you don't need to back up everything ever but if losing it would be Bad, back it up.



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US Citizen?

Take a moment to protest the monstrous rule stripping away protections from our transgender friends. Protections that prevent them being denied medical care when dying of injuries.

This is important.

Sysadmins, what software do you like for configuration management when the top priority is being able to reproduce a server configuration from a scratch install, but there won’t ever be more than one of it at a time?

Everything I’m finding seems to believe you have an entire data center to wrangle and I cannot with the mental overhead.

me, talking to a straight couple:
lolll so who's the marceline in the relationship and who's the bonnibel?? :)

Wow, if only there were a genre that existed to criticize the way corporations treated people that could speak out against this sort of thing

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I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

my mom asked what “hellworld” means and i don’t know if i got the banality of it across