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The GOODYEAR blimp

@bryn @brogepi this story is the big beefy bumbly rumbler's swively leg midjoints

@brogepi my sisters used to get in trouble for doing weird shit with autocorrect on the family computer and one time one of them made "bee" autocorrect to "big beefy bumbly rumbler" and the other handed in a science project without realising that had happened and the teacher handed it back with that phrase circled and annotated only "?" but uhh the point of this was that i think this *is* the big beefy bumbly rumbler

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I haven't seen a more fantastically bad idea in a *while*, wow

I bet people who want to run software on hardened BSD say "this, but iron-unically" a lot

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(it's published in a magazine put out by my employer, but I hope you believe me when I say that I find it genuinely good) (:

if you're having a bad day please enjoy this sick picture of animals doing yoga: a thread

@sapphicsara either way, happy to help out and hope this works out!

@sapphicsara We used with filter-branch (to get rid of binaries that had accumulated, but it's a multi-purpose chainsaw).

There will be disruption, as everyone with a checkout has to replace their checkouts &m annually rebase any branches onto the new branch (and omg no merge commits from the old checkout, otherwise the old commits come back).

Should be possible to add a postreceive hook to prevent the old branches from getting pushed.

Roses are red,
We have heard your confessions,
Now to uses StyleGAN to procedurally generate human faces from source photographs. It generates a new face every time you reload the page.

It's a little unsettling to look at relatively high-res photographs of people who never existed. :ghost_gif:

Roses are red,
And that's a most disagreeable

@cwebber hah, so, both vi and emacs users have a high probability of liking it (;

Today is the one day you are legally allowed to be horny on this website

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