really bad iot joke 

tech griping, "smart" devices (-) 

tech griping, "smart" devices (-) 

for every quotable 'feel good' comment by ESR on FOSS/Open-Source there is a feel-bad comment about, oh, white supremacy wrt programming, the tech feminist cabal to destroy Linus, how homosexuals are generally pedophiles, etc. stop quoting him.

anyone know good, well-built e-readers with a solid UI that aren't a fuckin' kindle? :boost_ok:

:Trek: and Picard opinions/predictions 

my aunt posted this pic of her cat to fb where it looks like he's ominously hovering lol

do you have an UNUSED GENDER?

most confusing set of "default-adjacent" pronouns?

The hardest problem in computer science: Saying no to a french child who wants to play hide&seek

Your beauty is beyond compare
I look upon it and despair
With marble legs and eyes of emerald green

Your sneer is like a cold command
Your voice is soft like desert sand
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

Nerd fun fact: the "touch" command in linux is actually absolutely not here to create empty files, it's to change file timestamps.

fondly remembering that time when I just got my green card a few years ago and thought "hey let's learn a bit about the history of the US", went to a barnes and noble, and asked for a history book, explaining my situation; and the person there went "hmm do you want an actual history book or do you want to pass the citizenship test" and I was like "??? I guess I want a real history book?? what does that mean" so they gave me A People's History of the US and it was pretty good

A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men 

I grow tired of people telling me things like, "you shouldn't buy a motorcycle, they're dangerous." I know they're dangerous. I want one anyways; They're fun and fuel efficient, and very cool. I see you've made a risk/reward assessment on motorcycles; why can't I make that risk/reward assessment for myself?

I don't subscribe to the theory that, because something is dangerous, you should not do it.

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