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The GOODYEAR blimp @antifuchs

You have heard of entire D&D parties made up of Bards, and that's ok: they're a band.

But consider... Bard armies. Marching bands.

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@antifuchs Wow, I love it.
But I remember _why_ one would choose bards instead of wizards, so now I’m kind of imagining every epic wizard battle ever but with silly music added to the background...

@mkhl Bards (at least in 2nd ed) get prettttttty powerful. They get some of everything and have some pretty nice weapons. I guess wizards do get very very OP, but Bards *start out* OP already (and they get to annoy everyone with music!)

@antifuchs Exactly, and (IIRC) bards got the same spells as a wizard would one level below, but the exp progression was that at the same exp, bards would be _exactly_ one level above the wizard, cancelling out the “lower” spell counts but with more and better hit dice and so on.
(And yeah, annoying everyone with music was and is great!)

@mkhl I wish to institute a DM rule that players have to belt out song whenever their character sings

@antifuchs I’m in! It won’t sound good but… enthusiastic. :-)

@antifuchs I am calling all Bard armies Barmies now.

@antifuchs when two bardic armies collide: a battle of the bands

@antifuchs When they return from hiatus they're ... getting the band back together.

@YogurtCommute yes! That's a perfectly sweet & wholesome character intro scenario right there