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The GOODYEAR blimp @antifuchs

@JPEG huh, latest Mast seems entirely unable to render the tl /:

@antifuchs This'll be fixed for the next version hopefully, weird issue.

@JPEG I still see this in 1.6.1 - none of the tl, dm, activity tabs show any data. I do get push notifications, but they're empty too - only show the emoji.

@antifuchs Thanks for letting me know, it's certainly odd but wondering whether it could be to do with your instance?

@JPEG I'm pretty sure it is, but I have no idea what would have changed, and why it would stop working from one Mast Release to another - is there any level of debugging I can turn on for diagnostics?

@antifuchs Not too sure of what it may be, but I have a slight hunch and think I may have resolved it for the next update.

@JPEG cool stuff - I'd also be happy to debug this in depth if there's something that gives me (as a mere instance user) insight into what Mast does (: