What’s your favorite iOS mastodon app? Looks like Tootdon is going away :-(


@nuncamind i like Toot! and Mast both. They're both good at keeping scroll state and offer good toot composers. Devs are on here and respond quickly to requests/bug reports.

@antifuchs @nuncamind I second this. Mast development is more active right now, but both are quite good. :yayblob:

@antifuchs @nuncamind This! Toot! is such a great and cute experience. I honestly don’t know how I ever used Twitter or any other app with multiple accounts without Toot!s Interface.
Also the aesthetic!!!!

Only drawback so far: Sometimes a little glitchy and doesn’t support polls yet.

But overall really really amazing. I‘m seriously considering another iphone (this was a hand-me-down gift) after this one dies, just to keep the app.

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