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The GOODYEAR blimp

pol, Austrian further slide towards the right Show more

lewd silliness, sex toy mention Show more

rust shitpost Show more

Liminal spaces, get yer liminal spaces

Beginning to wonder if Versailles has a gentrification problem

Trying to get an offline copy of "A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None" (, you can see this absolutely perfect typo on the publisher's site

Ok I guess I caught that celestial body at a pretty good time

Found the influencer in the Luxembourg Gardens

advertising for a friend's design merch shop Show more

extremely related content about machine learning and ethics, rightwing propaganda, women-hating gross stuff. I swear. Show more

@JPEG huh, latest Mast seems entirely unable to render the tl /:

@darius ok home stretch I'm counting the days until you get to the nicest RFC

This limited-edition starbucks with a cat paw theme features the worst beans ever

The collaboration between Ridley Scott and Christian Dior was short-lived but apparently fruitful

Ok the British are officially weird

TFW you go to the v&a and @nasser is already there