trying to decipher my incomprehensible, sleepy dream journal entries the next morning is one of my favourite hobbies. i've woken up to such terms as: "ietual headsets", "wife falla into sewwer", and "white fox pose for photo"

my laptop has no internet at the moment, so i'm doing the only sensible thing: playing Space Cadet Pinball on Windows XP.

sometimes they’ll transport somewhere else in this world, and there’ll be a sudden coin laying in the snow on Mount Everest, the bottom of a pond ten miles away or under a table in a Michigan Denny’s. they might warp out of our dimension and one lucky alternate-you will find them on the sidewalk in a few hours. occasionally, though, they’ll pop out of physical existence entirely. have you ever handled change in your dreams? i’ll tell you a secret: it isn’t the first time you’ve seen those coins.

the second possibility, though much more rare, would be the temporary opening of a very small portal on your floor. these things are total wildcards and there’s an infinite number of places your lost coins may end up.

"where do coins i drop on my bedroom floor go?"

there’s two main possibilities:

typically, if you drop a coin (or any other such small object) and it’s lost, it’s safe to assume it was quickly snatched up by one of your House Gnomes. they’re very small and very fast, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them sneak by! in the case of coins, they’ve got plenty of uses in the House Gnome community - they can be used as small tabletops or to add some shiny decoration to their spaces.

An acknowledgment to those I've known in the past, but no longer speak to: life sent us our separate ways, but I still sometimes think of how you described the town you grew up in (and how much you wanted to get out), the secrets I shared in return and how now, we're all just fragments of stories and memories in each other's lives. I hope you're well.

the sound of hundreds of cheap 80s windbreakers growing louder and closer every second you're not running

florence welch said "i've been a fool and i've been blind" and i realized all at once how true that is. all the signs have gone unnoticed by me for much too long. i hear the universe loud and clear now: it's time to make a change. it's time to go back to what's important.

some of us are yee... some of us are haw... but in the end, we're all just trying to survive the wild west

my emotions lately have been so indescribable - i feel an incredible sense of longing for things too hazy for me to make out. it all feels just out of reach, just beyond a veil i'm not yet able to pull back.

there was a time when i was in tune with my spirituality. i was fascinated with mysticism and the occult, actively practiced witchery, spoke to the universe and felt connected to a side of the world that made more sense to me than anything else ever had. depression stole it all away, but i think it's time to take it back.

trauma musings 

i’ve dreamt of walking out the front door, down the dark streets and never looking back for so many years. some nights i get as far as packing a bag and sitting out on the porch, watching the few cars out so late go by, wondering if they’ve ever felt the same way. if maybe they’ll finally decide not to go home tonight.

Never again care for memory. Only ever care for memory. How could you care for what you can never again know?

I thought of many friends at the ruins of a civilization

whenever it rains i wonder if this'll be the time it never stops. it might just pour and pour and pour, submerging every street, washing away entire towns and leave the last of us soaked on the roofs of the tallest buildings

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of my my wife - my creative partner and inspiring force in life. How lucky am I to have someone who works and flows so perfectly with me? I could spend hours bouncing new ideas and concepts around with them. @icarus the work we do together is the most meaningful thing to me. love you until the end

there's nothing that brings me more joy than story creation. bringing characters to life, building up intricate universes for them to inhabit, fleshing out each little detail of every world. Even when I was a child, I've wanted nothing more than to dedicate my life to creating and to share my stories with the world. I hope one day I can reach that audience I've always dreamed of.

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