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Atlas Lilith

soil...trees...clouds...all marvelous

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i feel a sense of not belonging that runs far deeper than just an inability to connect with my surroundings. it quite genuinely feels as though i've been cosmically misplaced somewhere i very much was not meant to be.

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the ability to look back in time and find the choice that set your life on its current path is a strange thing. even stranger is the thought you may someday be looking back at this exact moment and feel the same way.

rearranging your bedroom is a nice feeling. the whole atmosphere feels brand new and even lighter, like moving around furniture scared out ghosts that were hiding behind them

there's a very specific feeling places like unfamiliar gas stations, rest stops or airports bring about. they have a sort of chaotic energy and seem to exist only in the strange in-between state of coming and going, as if when you leave them they'll disappear.

there's so much comfort in a liminal space. i love existing within the center of impermanence. the feeling of being on the verge of change. the middle ground between what was and what soon will be.

dreams of a post-collapse world where society has crumbled and the internet no longer exists

i'm full of dirt and smiles

i've felt othered and strange and misplaced in this life for so long the concept of connection with others and finding my place in existence seems unattainable, much too far out of my grasp

feeling a disconnect tonight in the way the world perceives me and the way i perceive the world

at the moment i'm very motivated and emotionally energized yet also quite ill and exhausted so my current state could be summed up as, 'weakly, quickly vibrating.'

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my wife makes my heart fucking light up i am a beaming ray of sunshine whenever i remember that i am so lucky and blessed to have this person in my life

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A vengeful girl became a beautiful memory in the depths of hell

shedding the past like the skin of a snake tonight

"i'm a little creature, i love the sky and it's features"

concept: a site for reconnecting with people you've met in dreams. that girl your sleep-self fell in love with ten years ago still searches for you every night.

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looking at minecraft screenshots like polaroids of your greatest adventures ❣️