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at the moment i'm very motivated and emotionally energized yet also quite ill and exhausted so my current state could be summed up as, 'weakly, quickly vibrating.'

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my wife makes my heart fucking light up i am a beaming ray of sunshine whenever i remember that i am so lucky and blessed to have this person in my life

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A vengeful girl became a beautiful memory in the depths of hell

shedding the past like the skin of a snake tonight

"i'm a little creature, i love the sky and it's features"

concept: a site for reconnecting with people you've met in dreams. that girl your sleep-self fell in love with ten years ago still searches for you every night.

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looking at minecraft screenshots like polaroids of your greatest adventures ❣️

i've been watching hours of 90s children's PSAs and i''m a bit jealous i don't have my own exuberant, quirky companion to teach me safety and good choices.

life is too short to not be weird in the woods at all times. trees aren't like people, they're kind and free of judgement.

this is an open invitation to talk with me about your favourite books, films and (especially) games that were formative and influential to you. sharing media that has connected with and inspired you is a wonderful thing.

a Garden Gnome's diet consists mainly of flower petals and blades of grass; however, wild fruits & fresh herbs are their favourite snacks.

a gas station sits in the dusty outskirts of a rural Nevada town. the same man has been behind the register, night and day, for over twenty years. the tinny sound of psychedelic rock plays over the last functioning speaker, increasing in volume as you move back towards the defunct slushie machine. there's a perpetual sale on mini chip bags.

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The earth is made of light. The cloud is made of light. We are all made of light and I couldn't be happier.

you awaken one morning in a strange, unfamiliar location with no memories. It's finally happened: you've ghosted yourself.

indie games are one of the most important art forms in our world. i've felt so much connection/inspiration from some of the games i've played. i love shameless, surreal, experimental self expression and storytelling.

spending your entire childhood in a daydream as escapism leads to a persistent feeling of not belonging in this world as an adult. once you've spent so much time somewhere else, it's hard to learn how to be here now.

at the end of the world, you're setting all the zoo animals free and taking chances by eating some questionable berries.

just witnessed a small fire start in the kitchen and i saw my life flash before my eyes. i've gotta say, facing your mortality while revisiting embarrassing memories from middle school isn't an ideal way to go.

it's the perfect evening to stumble through a portal to a similar yet slightly better universe - ideally one where Miracle Whip does not exist.