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Tim Pennings noticed that his Welsh corgi, Elvis, seemed to follow the optimal path when chasing a ball thrown into Lake Michigan β€” Elvis seemed to realize that he ran faster than he swam, and so could minimize his retrieval time by racing intelligently along the beach before jumping into the water. But how did he make these judgments?

β€œWe confess that although he made good choices, Elvis does not know calculus,” Pennings wrote. β€œIn fact, he has trouble differentiating even simple polynomials.”

I love ordering a meal to go and then standing near the kitchen to hear the banter. Especially in a chain, where the cooking process is so heavily regular and process-driven. It’s just really interesting to hear how people work together!

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No Dignity (I Like The Way You Work It)

alumni : alumnus :: pepsi: pepsus

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I am so glad I impulse bought those stickers

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Anywhere here's your periodic reminder that electronic music as an actual genre with value beyond novelty was basically invented by a trans woman, who is still alive by the way and has the most incredible website on the internet: wendycarlos.com/

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Thanksgiving might be the worst holiday. Maybe Columbus Day is worse, but they're rooted in the same historical sin.

But I insist you can salvage things from history, because I love it too much to believe otherwise. I love it so much. I love baking stupid amounts of pie, I love the chosen family I celebrate with, I love a feast day where the focus stays on the feast, I love centering myself in gratitude.



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White people, cis people, straight people, able bodied people:

You are not free
Everyone is free

We our bound together on this spacerock.

Your freedom
is my freedom
is our freedom

decided to try and upgrade Nix on a side project while upgrading Nix on my main project, so now I've got 18.09 building for the main project on my mac and 18.09 building for the side project (but on linux) in CI.

Computers are wonderful but maybe I'll go take a walk.

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Happy International Men’s Day to all the wonderful men and male-adjacent people in my life, whether trans, cis, or It’s Complicated! Thanks for proving every day that masculinity doesn’t have to be a flaming garbage barge of an identity, and for enriching my days with your presence.