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late night pre conf hacking went well, should probably go to sleep before the actual stuff tomorrow

less fancy macro magic, but much nicer in general

Currently grinding out Odyssey's Dark Side boss rush in proper xkcd 303 fashion

Remacs dev is kinda hefty

@Tusky Looks like you've got some bidi leakage.

Holy crap, is an amazing piece of editor software. If you write Lisp, *please* give this a try. (If you're a Vimmer, Doom Emacs has it in the :lang common-lisp package.)

Isn't the web marvelous? So little validity, and yet so little outright failure.

Running cargo +nightly install-update -a so I can do some Rustodon work, and I kinda forgot how…good at utilizing multiple cores rustc is. cargo build's output looks better at least.

my uber has arrived

(I forgot how horrible these are to drive)

@ninjawedding Trying to build/package JortJams on Arch, but running into this error:

Woo, first time in the AMO queue.

Finally figured out that I need to open up firewall ports for Nginx on NixOS and have my first page running. yay basic hosting skills

My webcomic-reading experience just got a lot better.

@jamey, would you mind if I used Comic Rocket's name in the extension's name for an AMO upload?

stumbling around documentation Show more

Tonight in shitposting:

Now to see if this nice looking UWSGI NixOS config actually works when I switch it on

designed a new firefox logo