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about keeping up a running habit 1/ 

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workout recommendation! 

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there's a template in GNU IMP for toilet paper 😂😂😂😂

word-of-the-day toilet paper lmao
it exists

woke this morning because my headphones fritzed and started playing music on their own (they also turn up the volume on their own, which is why I heard it)

I came across some traditional clothing of my region and I can't remember if I'd ever noticed this, but the main characteristics are really intricate embroidery and an immense amount of tiny pleats (for women's ensambles; vests are traditional for men, but I can't remember any other details and I haven't come across any mens ensambles).

... I need to schedule a visit to the Arts & Crafts Museum and the Ethno Museum

I would much prefer to read two dozen smaller books, each focused on a certain subject and with a fair amount of detail (books that are different points of view on the same subject even!), than a textbook that gathers all that knowledge and is much less detailed.


I went on a research binge about Marija Jurić Zagorka (my heroine) and she edited a feminist magazine between WWI and WWII, which is fascinating and one of the issues (Dec. 1933) also features this knitting pattern

there are! the ones with exposed mechanism are gorgeous. and expensive.

are there still wind-up wrist watches available?

for some reason, a lot of horses out on the road today

I didn't think I would since I don't know a lot of words that are common to RH/BiH/RS (different dialect), but I understand half of their lyrics and when I know what they're supposed to mean, I can get the other half too.

I started listening to a new radio the other day and almost immediately a song by this Macedonian band came on. it's really good. I'm reminded of Gossip and ex-Yu rock, perhaps punk a bit too. my favourite album is Politika.

the moment when you realise that the pattern you just started is meant to be steeked 😱

as a person who will absolutely wear the same 5 t-shirts week after week, this concept appeals to me:

imo, fonts with ligatures like Fira Code should be standard

(clarification: I don't think every font should have them, I'd just like for the fonts various systems default to to have the ligatures. also, not necessarily as extensive as Fira Code, but I'd like to have arrows without performing ceremonial magic each time, thanks)

things I most often use Wikipedia for:

- how to pronounce proper nouns in languages I don't speak
- how to say a term in a language I don't speak well
- what is this plant called in English
- discographies

more than one plan was foiled by my dad eating stuff intended for a special dish (ie. one that's not often on the menu)

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