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star wars fedi 

who here has read, or heard of, Paul Alone in the World / Palle alene i verden?

my family does Christmas very traditionally: Christmas tree+ornaments go up on Christmas Eve and come down on Epiphany (Jan 6th). and tbh I get very annoyed that the day after All Saints' Day they start pushing Christmas stuff down your throat.

but this year I figured out that I like the sparkly lights—it cheers me up—when the days are so short and dark. so yes! turn on all non-holiday-specific decoration the moment we hit the "the night is too long" moment (probably at daylight savings switch)


what are your thoughts on this version though?

I woke up this morning just in time to experience this. A few minutes later it was back to gloomy rainy morning.

star wars fedi 

I shall attempt to make sourdough starter in the morning. any last minute advice?

LB I would wear that combo. (plus something green to go with it bc green)

actually.... I have shorts blue like that... and a t-shirt almost yellow like that (the colour washed out a little)

tonight I trounced folks at Cards Against Humanity and played the strangest game of Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (Parcheesi/Ludo variant according to wiki) where we started with four players but I ended up parking the last piece of three colours. I had fun (even though I was very low energy today)

I found this video about Milk interesting, despite it being in German—I understood about a fifth of everything said—so I’m hoping for a version in English in the near future. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll have to pause a lot and consult all of my German dictionaries (yes, I do have more than one)

personally, I even sort my apps* in rainbow order

*that are in folders because I dislike how it looks otherwise. I've got a top row of folders and the rest are free-standing apps—so there's only one page—but those are ordered by usage: things I use more often are on the bottom or to the right.

if you're not putting your colors (pencils, markers, nail polish, t-shirt, w/e) in the rainbow order, what are you even doing?

I was prepared (well, expected, not prepared so much) for constant rain and feeling awful but actually the last few weeks have been pretty great. appropriately warm. sunny most days for at least part of the day and rain about once a week.

and then there's the autumnal smell in the air, color changing leaves, apples and chestnuts. I've been quietly enjoying each day that's nice.

today I read a really cute f/f Jewish short story (novella?) and I recommend it to you too to brighten your day


crocheting in the round is such a headache. the first time doing the mitt I somehow had one stitch too much, but the second time around I somehow lost two. (also I managed to move the marker for the first stitch.)

I'm not very practiced at it yet. the first mitt was double the size of what it was supposed to be—very loose stitches!

I went and it was great. there was also an exhibit about hats etc. and I loved it.

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