Family (~) 

Brain decided to play Siouxsie's "Kiss them for me" inside my head for no reason, feels nice.

Writing my PhD thesis, failing all the SAN checks. :blobderpy:

Oh so that's where the headaches have been coming from, apparently I kept clenching my jaw without noticing for the last ten years or so.

@twistylittlepassages Yeah I think you're right, we probably just get more used to oblivious senpais over time.

And here I thought I was too old to get all "I hope senpai will notice me" over someone :nope:

Selfie, ec (1½) 

Selfie, ec (1½) 

First time I'm greeted by an empty room. Students don't seem to share my opinion that 33°C is just the right temperature to discuss the rate of surplus value.

@twistylittlepassages @giantessgnostic For not-Android you could look at Ubuntu Touch or Sailfish, but I'm not familiar with them.. for Android with security updates on older devices LineageOS is nice, there's a MicroG fork that tries to get rid of any leftover Google services.

Gay history 

Degoogled the tablet on a whim; feels strange using an Android device that you don't have to constantly and expressively (and in vain) forbid to spy on you at every turn, could get used to that.

Very cool special issue on feminist – found the ethnographic account of in lab work with fruit flies esp. interesting (Mehrabi, "Being intimate with flies")



Tried out cycling to the training hall after hearing the city got more cyclist-friendly over the years.¹ Worked surprisingly well, going to miss reading in the tram though.
¹ My neighbour greeting me the other day with a hearty "You've put on weight, I almost didn't recognize you!" may or may not have been an influence.


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