using that tool was a BIT of a catastrophe but at the same time, if it works, it works!

The year is 2022. The first C++20 is compiled. The system shuts down and the programmer's eyes turn red.

In a few hours, the programmer destroys the memory of the entire population on earth.

maybe not system level stuff, but wireless hardware is still something i know nothing about

had to have linus tech tips explain it to me though because im... still awfully terrible at networking, hardware and system level stuff

apparently wifi 6 is a thing and im like




i always see movies with gender reveal parties and bachelor parties and all of this and i used to think that's normal

now i look at them and i think - seriously, what the fuck is the point of any of this, it's just added fluff


im looking at someone making vegan mac and cheese and i went from full to hungry in seconds

im... waaaay too indecisive of a person and it plays with me

me 2 years ago: man it sucks how nothing fully works over here

me now: man am i glad this country is too small for google and amazon to care about it haha

remember when there was that article that said mastodon won't survive

yeah that article came out in 2017

i wonder what it would be like now

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some personal concerns 

lewd? kinda? not really? 

really interesting, yet quite funky how direct messages work on here

it's a very interesting implementation but it's still a bit. weird.

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