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I wish people could stop conflating having trouble articulating your thoughts with no knowing things. I know what I'm talking about, I just don't know how to get you to know about it!

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I wish i had met TDC like three years ago it would have saved so much stress!! I just got some advice: Door stop. Get a friggen door stop to wedge under the bedroom door that doesn't have a lock, so that people can't barge in or knock-then-barge.

One can even have the door slightly open for the cat but still have the wedge in place to prevent people opening the door wider.

Goddamn genius.

G'morning all.

How's everyone doing today?

I found a great infographic on birdsite today about how stress levels affect #ActuallyAutistic folks

Here's the infographic:

Here's the thread about it:

I've been working towards something like this for months now, and it's great to find it fully laid out and clearly explained.

I am ecstatic to be back at level 1 (for now!) and able to be fully-functional-for-me

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In my experience, if you spend any significant amount of time thinking "man, X (gender, pronoun, etc.) is so cool" you should probably just be X

literally begging yall to please avoid boosting totally un-CW'd angry political posts, i know everything is incredibly important and i'm part of the problem if i'm not angry at everything all the time but also i'm very tired and i have depression etiquette recommendation (not subtooting anyone in particular, I've just been seeing more long threads in the local TL lately):

if you're writing a long toot-thread that you want to share publicly, it's nice to make your first toot "Public" and then the following toots "Unlisted." that way, only the 1st toot will show up in the local TL, & anyone who's interested can click on it to read the whole thread. :_earth:

thank you to everyone who posts publicly! I enjoy yr thoughts. 💚


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“Your choice to act respectable is bad. If you were oppressed like me you’d act more radical because you’d understand how shit the system is.”


“Your choice to act radical is bad. If you were oppressed like me you’d act more respectable to not expose us all to more state violence.”

Can each be true in context. And there are more arguments about oppression that work two ways like that.

Which makes it tempting to conveniently choose either argument based on what action we want to defend.

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