Oh look another question, is it annoying when text is put on a new line
Like instead of ending with a full stop
Like I'm doing now?

@certifiedperson the screen readers that infer enounciation tend to assume all line breaks as periods, so it sounds strange.
Is still less bad than formatting changes, which are read as fully different phrases.

@matias93 Thanks for your response!! To clarify, if I were to actually end a sentence with a line break, it should sound fine, but if I skip to the next line when I haven't actually finished my sentence, it would sound weird?

@certifiedperson exactly.
At least, that's how it happens using the Google text to speech app through Pocket, which is the only way I've used it (another example of universal access technology being useful to people that don't strictly need it)

@matias93 That's great to know, thank you so much!

While I've got you here, I know I have had a couple of other screenreader accessibility questions that never got answered. Would it be okay if I asked you those as well?

@certifiedperson no problem, but consider that my experience is very limited to one app and without a real need for it.

@matias93 Well, it's still definitely a better guide than nothing!

The more important of the questions was, I will often extend words out like wayyy or reeeallly for emphasis, is that likely to be annoying when using a screenreader?

And the less important question is how one might handle ? eg, does get read out as "hashtag screnreader"?

@certifiedperson non standard words are usually read as per general rules, so they might sound quirky. If your goal is to be clear, it's better not to use them.

Hashtags aren't read when added before a word, but said word is read as its own phrase. In that case, I feel is the right decision, as it sounds like something you may be interested on remembering.

That's really interesting and definitely good to keep in mind. Thanks for answering my questions, it's much appreciated!

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