:brain1: : not wiping your ass because it's gay

:brain2: : wiping your ass because it's hygienic

:brain5: : wiping your ass because it's gay

quote, "queer" as its own label and not an umbrella 

A Sunday selfie with a shirt I found thrifting with @cfj last Friday. Not visible in the picture is the belt I found with an embossed paisley design.

cw: selfie, no eye contact

Queer culture is existing against the will of the world

Selfies, no ec 

migra (, chinga la) 

migra (, chinga la) 

design characters that make cis people scream "is this a boy or a girl?"

Merry telling Treebeard with all his passion that the ents are part of the world and they can’t just ignore the war and live their sheltered life is antifascists telling libs about the current situation, same energy

Them: being sad and playing synth isn’t a personality
Me: hold my beer

It is my fondest wish that everybody who has a stick up their ass about using they/them to refer to a single person because *~it's not grammatically correct~* realizes they're wrong, and that that's how they realize all the other prescriptivist grammar bullshit they think is real is also just classist gatekeepy garbage based on nothing

not subtooting, just something on my mind 

go listen to loser by beck and TELL ME it doesnt sound like lizard baby

Ok, gotta try to tell this right. I've been friends with @cfj since we were younglings. We kinda fell out of touch with college and travelling and just life happening, but reconnected recently and found we still had a lot in common. Earlier today I came out to them, and as it turns out, they're queer too!!! Now they're my first IRL friend on mastadon! :_gaysparkle: 😁 :_gaysparkle:

Hey folks, trying out the non-hellsite world thanks to @nat!

I'll probably be posting about music and socialism and queer stuff, and maybe terrible mobile gacha games


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