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chimerical girls

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we unironically believe in the following things:

- magic
- witches
- faeries
- spirits
- ourselves

...and a whole host of other things that society generally agrees are Definitely Not Real

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this post is a ward against creeps.

if you are not a creep and would like to follow us here, please do not be shy! click that follow button and chances are high that we will approve you!

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hello, assorted lovelies! your favourite (we hope!) chimerical girls here, new to but not new to fedi

we dwell in the world's out-of-the-way, easily overlooked places, appreciating the beauty that grows only there

we are here primarily for weirdness positivity, and you can look forward to plenty of posts about that, along with our love for darkness, the night, shadows, and liminality

and maybe some occasional anxietyposting

the rest is in our bio <3

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important personal detail: we keep a distance from sexual/lewd/kink material

we obey 🔞 signs wherever we see them and quietly leave any space that contains untagged content that would not be appropriate for a young minor

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steadily increasing hype for the coming Longest Night Of The Year

maybe less excited for the six months following that

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lunargoth is the dialectical counterpart to solarpunk, we perform the required tasks of the night

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our body is animated by stress alone and collapses into a pile of bones and dust (with comical xylophone sfx) the moment the animating factor is removed

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big shoutout to weechat, which can connect to almost any chat network, and weechat's proxy, which puts anything weechat can connect to onto our phone

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girls with Hibiki Symphogear icons / profile images are pure and good

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be the maid you wish to see in the world

retoot to support this hardworking single mom

it seems it is time once again to just listen to the transistor soundtrack on loop all day long, as one does

darren korb is one of our favourite musicians and we will shill for him every time

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Ra, the ebook for which I drew the cover, is out!

"Discovered in the 1970s, magic is now a bona fide field of engineering. There's magic in heavy industry and magic in your home. It's what's next after electricity."

Read it here, too: