A picture I liked a lot from the EDGE Playdate issue.

Look at that cute test pattern!!!

The GamePark GP32 (2001). This is the first of a series of Linux-based handheld game consoles made by GamePark, mostly for the South Korean market (although there was some distribution in some European countries too).

@complications (At least I'm like 99% sure that's what it is, from the specs)

@complications wait, I somehow missed what that screen is

it’s the Sharp LS027B7DH01A memory-in-pixel LCD!

I have one of those on a SwissMicros DM42, and it’s really nice actually (if you don’t mind 1bpp).

Yeaaah, it's that thing that people are talking about, I'm very excited for it - Playdate.

It's kind of a passion project/experiment made by Mac app developer and game publisher Panic, co-developed with Teenage Engineering.

The best way I can possibly? describe it is that it's kinda like a modern Pokémon mini. It has a high-rez, reflective pure B+W screen. The flip-out crank is part of the controls, not for charging. It's coming in 2020.


- Dzuk

Reminder that once upon a time, someone actually thought it was a good idea to make a smartphone that ran Windows XP, complete with a slide-out keyboard and trackpad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7irMplW88A

cc @complications

Return of the flip phones!

Leaked design for an upcoming Motorola RAZR foldable phone. Features a flip phone style small screen on the top lid that's touch sensitive and can act as a trackpad when open and quick shortcuts, assistant display and multimedia shortcuts when closed.

via GSM Arena (via XDA developers) - gsmarena.com/motorolas_razr_fo

Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Keyboard (late 2000's).

It's an oddly designed wireless keyboard with a trackpoint and mouse buttons. You can also use the Fn key to access PlayStation controller buttons on the F row.

This was a companion accessory to the PS3 (the PS3 slim model especially, with it's aesthetic and the fact it's the exact same width as one) for web browsing. You could also use it in games like FFXIV ARR.

I own one and currently type with it. It's very nice!

- Dzuk

As someone who used to be very into minimalism, I've kind of turned against it, and I think this article really explains why.

I don't agree with everything in it, but it's a powerful read into what the fuck happened with minimalism as a whole.


Sony eMarker (2000)

This was a device made that let you find out what songs you liked when you listened to a radio station by pressing a button.

This was done in a cutely simple way - the device is just a timestamp, and when you upload the timestamps to a computer, the software references them against the national database for radio songs (because stations had them anyway for the sake of royalties).

(image 2 source: bricklin.com/emarker.htm)

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