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As someone who used to be very into minimalism, I've kind of turned against it, and I think this article really explains why.

I don't agree with everything in it, but it's a powerful read into what the fuck happened with minimalism as a whole.

This is how you know I'm the coolest kid

Sony eMarker (2000)

This was a device made that let you find out what songs you liked when you listened to a radio station by pressing a button.

This was done in a cutely simple way - the device is just a timestamp, and when you upload the timestamps to a computer, the software references them against the national database for radio songs (because stations had them anyway for the sake of royalties).

(image 2 source:

Weekend hack: Creating a retrofuture internet terminal by replacing the Motorola MDT-9100's i386SX with a BeagleBone Black and Teensy:

post a hot take on mastodon with a punch and then take a nap. I've never seen a more relatable tech product than this

Did you know the PSP had a camera? They actually put out 2 models! The PSP-300 was 1.3MP, originally came with a UMD of editing software, and was released in Japan, Singapore, and PAL regions. The PSP-450 was 0.3MP and released worldwide, bundled with Invizimals.

"The Embroidered Computer is an exploration into using historic gold embroidery materials and knowledge to craft a programmable 8 bit computer.
Solely built from a variety of metal threads, magnetic, glas and metal beads, and being inspired by traditional crafting routines and patterns, the piece questions the appearance of current digital and electronic technologies surrounding us, as well as our interaction with them." - a website dedicated to photos taken with old point and shoot digital cameras.

Created by multiple people, including one of the creators of Y2K aesthetic institute (Froyo Tam).

The Y2K Aesthetic Institute just kills me. I'm not even sure I liked the Blobject look that much at the time but in retrospect I feel like I appreciate it so much more now. I really miss just having some damn color in my products.


Another pizza box computer case with a keyboard garage. This one is directly inspired by Amiga computers and actually can be used with certain lines of Amiga computers as well as Raspberry Pis.

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@Ronflaix I never got it but I really wanted the Samsung Beat DJ phone back in the day. I wonder if I could find one today...

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