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@Ronflaix I never got it but I really wanted the Samsung Beat DJ phone back in the day. I wonder if I could find one today...

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Something something don't talk to me or my son ever again

Oh, hey, here's a device that I forgot about, the Peek:

This article doesn't mention that there were actually four models - the Classic, Pronto, TwitterPeek, and 9 - but they were all very similar hardware anyway, with firmware being the biggest differences. 104 MHz ARM7, 8 MiB RAM, and tri-band GSM.

Their goal was to make a cheap e-mail-only device, with significant server-side assistance, although the TwitterPeek was Twitter-only, and the Peek 9 added a few apps for things like social networking and RSS. The result was extremely reminiscent of some of the earliest BlackBerry devices, like the 857/957, although using GSM instead of pager networks.

MEQRU (early-mid 2010's). A business card scanner and viewer that was sold only in Japan.

There's a slot in the back where business cards go through, and when you're done, it's stored in this interface, and you can use the big dial on the side to scroll through them all. You can also transfer all of the scanned business cards to a desktop computer.

- Dzuk

Motorola Timeport P935 (sometime around 2000)

This is like some kind of 2-way pager and email sort of device? There's a lot going on.

- Dzuk

I’ve decided this is the phone my werewolves use

@thomasfuchs I've yet to see anything I like better than the Sharp X1 (a Z80 system from Japan). Beautiful red case, builtin tape deck, matching keyboard and CRT.

Hey, here's something recent - BlackBerry Key2 LE, it just got announced today and is a more affordable version of the Key2, sporting more colour options (like this sweet red + dark cool gray model)

(image source:

- Dzuk