My mom's dog getting ready for his weekly stint as therapy dogger at the nursing home.

Frog! Tree frog! 

feelings, self-love 


at this point it's entirely possible to live off of second hand garbage, free shit, and reclaimed trash, and to do so pretty comfortably as well. buying new things is for suckers


I don’t even really USE tarot cards tho I am vaguely pagan— I just like the way they look. Couldn’t resist that frog fool in particular 🐸

Slept 13 hours then did blueberry picking at a friend's house, so this day is almost maximally lovely.

Son told me geology is the study of time and pressure. As we walked, it struck me that sociology and economics were also the study of time and pressure. Then I started to think that maybe every life is in its own way a study of time and pressure.

Workplace sexual harrasment 

Are there any resources for therapists that want to treat psychological trauma in #ActuallyAutistic people?

Please boost.

Last day of work 

Last day of work 

If anyone wants to read books for me and then tell me cool stuff from it that'd be like super neat. Radical Gardening by George McKay seemed real interesting but it is a dense dyslexia-unfriendly tome >_<

Buddhist poem 

Last day! 

Work stress countdown (2 days left) 

Any mastonauts have good reading resources on and ?

I found a book that piqued my interest but I’d rather see if anyone else has a rabbit hole they enjoyed going down before I make my own.

phones and the internet 

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