Some good news and a nice photo (link is to a French-language site)

My mom (now pretty elderly) has been going to Haiti frequently over the last 4 years or so, helping support the formation of a Haitian-led grad program in occupational and physical therapy (the first in the country. Prior, all OTs and PTs in Haiti had been trained abroad).

Just look at the first class of graduates! Such beautiful happy smart generous people! May your futures be bright! :flan_hurrah:

I'm at Dry Falls, which was once a three and a half mile long waterfall in Washington state.

I feel small and cold but very vibrant.

She made it!!!!!!!!!

They let her on the flight (she gave the gate agent - who had also been the ticket agent - a big hug!) OMG you guys!!! Second chances and second chances.

Thanks for all the mastodon magic you all threw her way. And thanks for being there with me as I navigate this freaking emotional world of parenting. :heart_ms: :heart_ms: :heart_ms:

And she's off again! It was a major deal to get through TSA (they didn't like any of the paperwork the ticket agent gave her for standby) but after 45 minutes if trying they let her through. She should know in the next half hour or so if she'll make it on today. :flan_luck: :flan_luck: :flan_luck: :flan_luck:

Ok going to get some sleep and try this again tomorrow.

I appreciate all the iguanas you can rub on our behalf, that she makes this flight. (This one will be standby, so no guarantees.)

And she fell asleep at the wrong gate and missed her flight.

Oh my aching heart, I worry so much for this fledgling.

My partner picked her up and we try again tomorrow as a walk on. The only flight they could guarantee is Thursday but of course she still has to get back to college for the start of classes Monday and her dad inexplicably had planned a vacation for himself that leaves Saturday morning. But that's out of my hands.

exercise & commute bragging 

Star Wars (spoilerish) 

Today at the rally, a huge flock of geese flew over us, 3 large V-fulls, and the entire crowd hushed, turned our faces up to the sky and clapped for the birds.

colonial mentality 

us pol, gender update 

me reading a poem about sexual violence, audio recording 

me reading a poem about sexual violence, audio recording 

us pol, gender 1/2 

us pol, gender 1/2 

after work I got to ride along the bike path out to the compost place and back. Due to a scheduling snag I did not get to go bowling with the composters but chilled with a sweet roomful of mellow queers. Not a bad scheduling conflict (embarrassment of riches of my-type people) but I still wish I could have done both.

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