At the gym I talked to a student who had her head shaved and her legs hairy and she complimented my tattoos and I just want to say how nice (and frankly a relief) it was to exchange even mere pleasantries with someone who vibed not 100% mainstream. And I just want to thank everyone whose expression sets them apart because you may be the breath of fresh air that helps keep someone going even if you never know it.

She howled in the distance, her yelps fading, she was chasing something or being chased.

She tracked us as we climbed a peak and saw wilderness in every direction, tamaracks yellow among the ponderosa pine.

She came back. She circled, she came back again. She came back with a bloody leg. She came for scritches and breakfast. She came back thigh deep in mud. She came back with a pelt in her mouth not once but twice.

She came back and slept by the woodstove in the cabin beside us.


Just back from a wilderness overnight at a friend's cabin.

With some trepidation we let our dog off leash, knowing we were where grizzlies and mountain lions and wolves are active, knowing she could have turned north and run some 200 miles in contiguous wilderness to Canada, crossing two roads. She could have blundered into the elk's winter migration, chased mule deer, big horn sheep and antelopes.


Here's a word to celebrate today:
Spe-klm (my transliteration, since I don't have the characters needed to spell it properly) aka Bitterroot. Called a "mind-food," the root is said to give clarity and improve memory. It is currently too endangered for casual harvest (though we sorely need some clarity and strengthening of memory these days).

Yesterday a group of children put some 700 plants into the soil here. May they, the children and the plants, thrive.

PSA! Finding work for my friend who's a nutritionist/personal trainer. Please read because there's a lot to this :D Also please share! <3

My friend Jen has fibro, IC, depression, and anxiety. Two years ago she was hugely overweight and unfit, and walking ~100m was enough exertion that she'd feel sick afterwards. Today, she's lost 80kg in weight and is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. She does Krav, boxing, runs a community social walking group, teaches teens self-defense. (1/?)

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art and wonder 

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What is your most hated aspect of sexism (or an aspect you feel hasn't been talked about enough)? I want to write a few articles on sexism and I would like to hear your experiences before I start writing. People of any gender welcome if you feel you've been negatively impacted by the patriarchy.

Gathered my courage and met up with a runners group after work today. I hung with the slow pack and we had a really sweet chat. Seems like running opens people up it - so often honest, deep conversations come out. Tonight was like that. I'm glad I went. :blobderpy:

Went to a talk by Leah Sottile, the journalist who hosts the Bundyville podcast

It was an excellent talk. She is committed to understanding difficult people and sharing their stories without over-simplifying them.

I'd only listed to the first episode of season one beforehand, but am now listening on and am wowed. It's a tough story for sure, but I think an important one.

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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

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Took what will probably end up being my last coast-bound trip of the calendar year today. No pics from the trip, but I did learn a few new things...

Speyeria zerene hippolyta, the endangered Oregon Silverspot butterfly's caterpillar likes to feast on Viola adunca aka "early blue violet". It also likes Yarrow and Goldenrods.

But for early-stage growth, it needs violets. I was super excited to realize I've seen those tiny heart-shaped violets (maybe not the exact species?) in my yard; it was so prolific, I thought for sure it was invasive. Nope.

"With pressures from human activities and invasions of non-native plant species, there are few remaining native coastal grasslands with early-blue violets. Last seen on the Long Beach Peninsula in 1990, this butterfly is now found only at four sites in Oregon. It was listed as a threatened species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act in 1980 ".

#iNaturalist has details too. #Butterfly #NativePlants #PNW #Oregon


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My buddy is visiting and I went to hot yoga with her and wow was that weird (she loved it, so I'm not knocking it, but wow so sweaty.)

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