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1. Get up.
2. Be.
3. Stop blaming the mirror.
4. Take a long shower.
5. Limit self-hatred.
6. Drink tea.
7. For godsake eat something.
8. Stay alive.
9. Go to bed eventually.
10. Repeat. Change something.

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Double bloodroot I planted at home 3 years ago, in grief over a patch at work that got built over. My small part in reordering the universe.

Oops got a little splashy with the HCl at work today. Pretty sure these holes in my jeans are new...

I survived another bout of my joints trying to kill me, so that's nice. Now, what can we do today to continue the anarcho-commie revolution?

A real annoying thing about being creative is I'm great at ideas, but execution generally confounds me, which combined with being a , creates difficulty. Perhaps there are organizations that help people start housing co-ops?

I have no idea what to tag this, so perhaps boost so ppl who know a thing or 2 may see it :)

Working in science, I'm always one rejected funding proposal away from becoming a comic book supervillain.

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Another Wikipedia animal:
Adult females are of dark purple color with a wand of death. Fuck this, I'm going to make a black knit skirt and leggings into my new phone, some mac'n'cheez powder, foldover elastic for making emergency toilets out of my rosemary! I'm in Iowa for my imposter syndrome.

Trying to get the cat to sit still long enough to get a picture of her nose.

Giving scritches is the best way to immobilize her, but I needed both hands to aim and operate the phone camera.

I would give her a scritch then hurry to shoot a pic while she was recovering has the best kind of ninja is the true fifth element

Daffodil buddy last Wednesday and today