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College visit went well today. Kiddo did the tour solo while I wandered. She met some students and hung out off campus a few hours (verdict: they're more punk here than at home). We met up, got Laotian food and witnessed a sketchy dog situation in the nieghborhood. Went to the SPCA, visited dogs and cats and rats and birds and she reported the dog (had noted the address) and learned about volunteering for when she enrolls and needs some snuggle-breaks.

This punk rock kid is all right.

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We made it to the college town! Was hoping to arrive before the storm and the snow started literally the moment we pulled into the hotel lot. Are now "napping" on our hotel beds before venturing out for Indian buffet. All is well!

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In light of about only 100 days left at our house, I just did a tea bag inventory. I don't even know where many of these teas came from. I suspect my mother, who has opposing tea tastes as mine (but is also caffeine free) for dropping such things as decaf green tea with mint and lemongrass (which makes me cringe even to type it). I'm more of a rooibos/chai kind of person. But I am now determined to drink up all these teas! :muscle_hmn_g1: (12+ types, not counting medicinals)

This lab Christmas cactus blooms randomly all year long :cactuar_face:

Yay! Heading out tomorrow to go visit the campus my kiddo hopes to go to for college next year. (She got in, just hasn't seen it yet, so unless this trip sucks, she'll probably enroll.) It's on the US/Canada border. But the US gov has had my passport since Nov, so I figured we wouldn't be able to cross on this trip and I was bummed.

But I got it back today! So if we decide we want to cross to check it out, we can.

Also it's just a relief to have my passport back. That was a long time.

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Spent most of the day working at a Brothers of Climbing event at my gym. It honestly was just so refreshing to have the place be so filled up with non-white people. Made me so happy to see the little kiddos trying it out and being able to look up and see so many strong brave beautiful dark skinned people climbing high up on the wall, trying hard stuff, laughing, sweating, cheering each other on. I want this to be everyday reality.

Sunny enough for lunch outside (wearing a coat) - searching for sunshine!

Work hired some dudes to come smash up the old lab across the hall from my office. The irony here is that the dudes, swearing and blasting super bad tunes are annoying everyone, meanwhile they could have saved $$$ by just handing us all hammers and letting us rip shit up and play bad music together instead of trying to work with this going on

Hello and good morning(part of day) weirder earthers and all of the fediverse! Take your meds (oh i should do that too :P) and find a moment or two of joy for yourself today, deal? Deal. 💚

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Saw a tote bag this morning: "Burn It Where You Buy It"

Which seemed potentially anti-capitalist ... until I finally computed that it was probably a message about firewood.

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