yo i got slooots for my fediverse-famous emojis

DM @kiilas if you want some

Extra info: noct.zone/commissions

Wow, complain about hemorrhoids and draw a hate-filled spam-bot.

Somehow fitting . . .

@SocialismSucks@/scalie.business if you care to join me in reporting.

Lunch friend: Rainbow Loveliness

(they smell lovely, almost like the flowers on a lemon bush (which doesn't smell like lemons, but like gentle sweet.))

hello fediverse!

i'd like to make a #boston fediverse meetup happen for local fedifolks.

please boost for visibility, and reply or dm to let me know if you'd be interested in attending such a thing :blobbounce:

4th of July 

4th of July 

Weird Earthicans, what say you? Shall we upgrade to the music through the water.

if you would like to commission some awesome emoji from Dzuk, please contact me!

i'm zir assistant and customer service :dark_elf:

for more information please check out noct.zone/commissions

grief, anticipation 

grief, anticipation 

opossums are beautiful. How dare you sir. I demand satisfaction.

Sunbeam folks, I'm making a pleroma instance. (I'm a spoonie so naturalyl it's taking a bit to get going)

Admin/moderators are , and we will vet all whites that wanna join. Keep us in your minds if you feel it could be an appropriate new community for ya 💚

seeking job hunting advice 


Would anyone on the fediverse like to trade readings?

Some sneaky mods gave WE some cute new emojos when I wasn't looking!
:hug_kitty: :catHug: :ghosthug: :moomin_flower: :moomin_cupid_heart: :moomin_sparkles: :moomin_cry: :moomin_hmm: :ms_growing_heart: :mymble_love:

Thank you sneaky mods! :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

US, hate groups, liberals being disappointing 

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