In keeping with yesterday's pinecone post, maybe I should start a pixelfed called "pretty stuff in sidewalk cracks."

I already love the intimacy of this series. What kind of camera and/or apps do you use?

@alysonsee It's just my phone which is a cheap motorola I think it's a moto 5g. No apps or anything, just the default camera setting. I'm actually amazed it takes such good close-ups. I've tried taking pictures of plants and things before without much success, it must like the lighting near the ground!

@compostablespork yes! I'm toying with starting to photograph all the single abandoned shoes I see everywhere XD

@WelshPixie That is a cool idea! Your photos are always so lovely - I think you could totally do it!

@compostablespork Let me know if you do. :) I would subscribe. Great photos.

@oneoddfrog Hey are we doing a WE pixelfed? @mykola @eldang

I'd hate to start one without you all!

@compostablespork @oneoddfrog @eldang looking at it I see it’s still alpha version - I think I’d be happy to set one up once it’s a bit more stable, or if you want to run it I’d be happy to set up a subdomain name for you on

@mykola @oneoddfrog @eldang

I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to begin, but I will stay tuned for future stability :thumbs_up_hmn_g1:

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