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Compostablespork @compostablespork

In keeping with yesterday's pinecone post, maybe I should start a pixelfed called "pretty stuff in sidewalk cracks."

@compostablespork (no pressure ofc but) it would be awesome :)

I already love the intimacy of this series. What kind of camera and/or apps do you use?

@alysonsee It's just my phone which is a cheap motorola I think it's a moto 5g. No apps or anything, just the default camera setting. I'm actually amazed it takes such good close-ups. I've tried taking pictures of plants and things before without much success, it must like the lighting near the ground!

@compostablespork yes! I'm toying with starting to photograph all the single abandoned shoes I see everywhere XD

@WelshPixie That is a cool idea! Your photos are always so lovely - I think you could totally do it!

@compostablespork Let me know if you do. :) I would subscribe. Great photos.

@oneoddfrog Hey are we doing a WE pixelfed? @mykola @eldang

I'd hate to start one without you all!

@compostablespork @oneoddfrog @eldang looking at it I see it’s still alpha version - I think I’d be happy to set one up once it’s a bit more stable, or if you want to run it I’d be happy to set up a subdomain name for you on

@mykola @oneoddfrog @eldang

I wouldn't have the slightest idea where to begin, but I will stay tuned for future stability :thumbs_up_hmn_g1:

@compostablespork @mykola @oneoddfrog I'm so tempted to volunteer to run it, but I don't think I have enough time (given my middling level of technical knowledge) to actually be able to follow through properly.

@eldang @compostablespork @oneoddfrog if anyone wants to try let me know and we can see what’s what. I can help to some extent. But it does still seem early, it doesn’t even federate yet.

@mykola @compostablespork @oneoddfrog my understanding is that federation support has recently been added, which is why I'm even interested at all. But the documentation is generally incomplete, which makes sense if the whole thing is in an earlier stage of development than I'd assumed.

@eldang @mykola @oneoddfrog
This makes sense - I feel like I was able to follow distel's from here but nobody else's federates for me. I've been super confused about that.

@compostablespork Do you know if anyone else you've tried to follow is on the same instance as distel? I'm wondering if that one's been quicker than others to apply the update that made federating work....

@compostablespork @eldang @oneoddfrog oh wow I just saw that pixelfed is a PHP project and I have concerns, heh. I know it's not cool to hate on languages but PHP feels particularly dated and hard to work with, though I hear the laravel framework makes it better?

@mykola @compostablespork @oneoddfrog I don't see that stopping me from using it, but it may be a fine reason to not want it installed on either of our servers and/or be responsible for an instance....

@eldang @compostablespork @oneoddfrog yeah I'm definitely more concerned about the latter - maintaining such a thing feels scarier than maintaining a ruby codebase.