Weirder Earthlings - head's up on the upgrade: in DM the "reply to" person can pop out and you lose the private setting default.

Hence my last post, which is actually is fine for the world to see (luckily) but the odd wording, indicates it was a reply to something more private. I would have thought it was my goof (accidentally erasing the name) but it happened again, so it does seem to be something glitchy. Just an fyi, to check each post before you hit toot.

@mcmoots @eldang @vector

Is this something we could replicate? Beach City is running a lightly forked version of mastodon and we might be able to come up with a fix.
@mcmoots @eldang @vector

@anne @mcmoots @eldang @vector Sure! Let me know if I can be helpful. It happened this morning on my cheapo little laptop. I'm on a desktop at work today. I don't know if it could have been a fail on my end, but I'm sure this never happened previously.

@compostablespork @anne @mcmoots @eldang what browser? Was it a response to a single person DM? Can you send me a DM and I can try replying to it to try to reproduce?

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