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So it turns out that my new officemate really digs cows and in a weird coincidence my partner's brother gave her this giant decal that we didn't know what to do with.

Welcome to our office.

In this spooky season, let's remember how much chocolate is harvested and processed by child laborers... and it's not just the cheap stuff! Here's a handy guide to major chocolate companies:

If any US Fediverse hams are on, so am I! Parked on 14.072 blaring out some Olivia 4/250.

My friend took these pictures of me with the doggo last night and they look like paintings

I did it. Last night I had my first performance of this Kodaly Sonata and it was good. It was an absolutely magical space, very unconventional. I began with no audience. The art gallery visitors heard me through the building and came. People came from the stairs above, came from adjoining rooms, sat & they all stayed for this 30 min modern sounding cello piece. Many were artists. One man said it made him think of carving stone. Other lady said what a wonderful moment in time. (yay) #smallstories

Ha ha, I'm at the new lab and I love it but the University HR still hasn't actually hired me yet and they're all in a system-wide IT fail (no email apparently, among other things) so all the admin are just like "fuck it, we're out of here." Which gives a flavor of how things go around here.

First day of new job today! I have all the jitters!

"Comic Con Africa breaks Western stereotypes. Superheroes took on an African flavour at the second showing of the expo in South Africa, a long weekend of comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, gaming and incredible costumes."

There's some amazing photos in this article. Check it out for the feels <3

if anyone's got any good social sciences podcasts re: communities and restoration/having an impact on communities, i'd love to know of them

Walked the dog up the mountain at the end of the street and it was thick with paragliders. About a dozen of them. When she saw the first one land, doggo was dumbfounded. Those flying things have people legs?

Then the woman in these photos flew low over us and called down, "hey puppy!" Which blew her mind, she just stopped and stared. When we got back to the bottom where folks were packing up, doggo lost it and started yowling. The woman who'd called to her came over and snuggled her.

The Fediverse #SFFBookClub October selection is A Stranger in Olondria by Sofia Samatar.

All you need to do to participate is use and follow the hashtag in discussions (and try to remember to add it to replies if your app doesn't), and mark in the CW how far along you are for any spoilers you're posting.

As always, we have crowdfunds available for those who might otherwise be unable to participate. Contact me directly if this applies.

#SFF #Fantasy #Books #SofiaSamatar #AStrangerInOlondria

@erikmay welcome to WE!

Feel free to do an intro post so we can all say hi! :metal_hmn_g1:


adhd, decluttering 

Went to the movies for the first time here. After all the ads and before the movie started, there was an announcement in Salish on the screen. It was translated into English but I forget exactly what it said. The affect was to remind us we're on Salish land and welcome us to the film screening. I've never seen anything like that and it made me cry before the movie even started.

Also, what a gorgeous language.



I often go to the terrace at work and take a photo of the same scenery because apparently I'm one of those people..
anyway, this a montage of 80 pics from last year

I can do now! Look at our adorable Mochi cat! She’s four weeks old in this photo. I found her stranded and confused in the middle of a busy interaction. She got separated from her mom somehow.

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