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crow comic 

oh thank god im finally fucking done with this fucking reading

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hello! i'm lune, they/them, i'm a chinese disabled queer who sometimes communicates in fragments of poetry, shakespeare and comic panels

i like norse mythology, speedrunning, fiber arts, and a bunch of other miscellaneous things that basically no one else cares about 🌟 i'm glad to be here

#introduction #introductions

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There are over 2 hundred people in the world .. that’s so many

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instance presentation :boost_ok: 

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glimpse is objectively a better name for an image editor than [other name here] but boomer linux boys wont change it because they love ableism

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even the ocean (spoilers?) 

knowing how to use the even the ocean editor/debug mode is a curse and too much power that i cannot be trusted with tbqh

i find it amusing how few teens (under 18's) are on the fediverse like there's a very specific set of interests you have to have as a kid online to find a social network like this

did i find where you can change your mouse color in the windows settings? yes. did i change my mouse to be bright green? also yes

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hey y’all! izzy @numen is working on getting up and running again. they’re hoping to get a good blocklist started and get a feel of how the new whitelisting system works; so if anyone (including w.e mods, since their message got lost in the instance reboot) on any instance that you feel has a solid moderation could send me a message that would be great!

tldr: trying to figure out some of the most well-modded instances to start a new blocklist!

boosts are very much appreciated!

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hey, everyone, Gentle Town has risen from its ashes after a database failure. we're up and running again, federation is working, but we've lost all pre-existing data.

if you're self hosting, do not forget to make regular dumps of the database and careful when updating sql! #MastoAdmin




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reverse mimics

you go to attack an enemy but you get closer and realize it's just a normal wooden chair


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Can anyone send me $20 for food tonight. I’ve only ate one today because I have save spare rations for the rest of the week. Anything is appreciated

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $JourneiGr

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