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Keybase proof time! Decis can also be found at

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkTCvIa9 dtiRnhVNYHRIHRI 7twczCQNsavH4bF ipOVsvJf7yQ17HX olQ0gieLrkRgVPa hR6ouabRD3EtT02 S2LjACLyW8PolwD B5gE6FooTg7nmox Q2DPjRoUALpEta5 P6ENevb3ZCEEZhK amqmcEPKLs7NoCK DtPrA4s8rpw7n3J 9a5Bgthu1BrJccY d7N2HR7qaTBmCOt jATUuM4D9vPrucx ExMkx4MxSWcJ5Lr XGv0IgCcEryH3aW AHObS. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

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Night Sight became available in the Google Camera app today, so we went exploring to see how it would do!

The fog was heavy tonight, so everything looked mystical and ghostly.

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Decis like blankets, and chewing things, especially blankets. Also pillows. Also office chairs. Also their own hand, clothes, etc.

Decis also like nuzzling things, especially if those things are not potentially toxic polyethylene beads. We bought a pillow specifically because I liked the feel of nuzzling it at the store, and it turned out to be full of that stuff.

We're , like , play , things that aren't people, and just ran out of cha

All 4 times we've been to an airport over the past several weeks, we have craved ramen. All 4 times, we were denied, including one time where there was good ramen, and we were standing right at the place for ordering it, but had to run because of boarding time stupidity. (Who boards over an HOUR before the flight departs?)

But today, for lunch, justice shall be done! *slurps instant noodles*

Gigabytes of RAM your infrastructure minimally requires & hours of sleep per night:

- 8 is optimal for most use cases.

- 6 can lead to barely perceptible degradation in performance.

- 4 can seem fine at first, but will make you unhappy long term.

- 10 is just showing off.

- 12 is overcompensating for some other issue.

happy holidays, peeps
hope you're having the warmest, cuddliest time with your loved ones
cheers ✨💖✌️🌸 #ChristmasDay


fantasy transposting 

I am writing a code generator manager that manages the code that generates code which manages other code that is generated, and it also used by the code that generates code which is being managed by the code generated by this code generator manager.

Spent the past 5 hours recovering from data corruption caused by a power outage at our VPS host.

That'll teach us to backup configuration without backing up the data that goes with it. We need a better disaster recovery strategy than, "Oh, it probably won't happen."


Uspol; shut down; anarchist clarification 

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