Fediverse instance update!

We will definitely be using ! Possibly we won't start it up until white lists are available. We will also be creating a /#Riot (they're the same thing) private chatroom for us all very soon! Again, we will be prioritize non-white needs and voices; white folks, y'all will be vetted first.

and all the rest of us 💚

Myself and @PentagramPip will be your starter co-admins, and our outstanding tech cyborg is the lovely @chaomodus

Lemme know if you'd be interested in a listserv/email chain/actually just CC'ing ppl from my own email :P for announcements

(Also I drafted this toot almost a whole month ago and them promptly forgot about it after approval from those involved. Whoops! lol)

@dirething I'm not looking for a new instance rn, but I'm really looking forward to this existing in fedi! Do you think it might be possible for me to join the Matrix room if it happens, even if I'm not on your instance? no pressure ofc <3

@paideuomai yep! they'll be part of the same community but you wouldn't need to be on both

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