Asking for one of my Hordelings:

Anyone with a resource about writing a text adventure? and/or Choose your own adventure / choosable-path story / interactive fiction.

(boosts welcomed)

@dirething I’d recommend looking into Twine. The wiki has a lot of great resources.

@eli_oat Thanks! That looks like a perfect tool! We were trying figure out a good way for them to work, particularly since handwriting isn't an option at all for them. They are very excited :)

@dirething @eli_oat I've been working with Twine a lot this week and it is probably the best tool out there.

@dirething seconding twine!! you can do a lot of bullshit with it and it’s fantastic

@daffodilian @RadioAngel My kid has been using it all day and they're really enjoying it! It's a really neat tool, so glad to have found it. Seems to me it'd be good for plotting out stories too

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