Hey Fediverse, I'm looking for books that are like the cisgender puberty/growing up books but for ? preferably including kids but I'm flexible

Thanks 💚 please boost (feel free to DM if you'd prefer)

besides boosted suggestions, I have found

Perfect for my kid.

Also gonna see if my library has/can buy Where's MY Book? A Guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else

@dirething I know a few fiction 'coming of age' books that feature trans teens. But nothing nonfic about puberty. I'm curious now, gonna see what I can find.

@jessmahler That looks like maaybe not enough info for my older kid but I'm definitely gonna see if my local library has it. Or suggest it to buy if they don't already!

@kawaiipunk I have that kicking around someplace, though my impression of it is that it's more about identity and for adults. I don't super remember it though so likely I'm totally wrong :)

@NightRose That looks pretty dense, is that for teens/kids?

@dirething I don't know. I leafed through it at my local alternative library, but haven't had time to do a deep dive. Probably better for older teens like its predecessor (our bodies ourselves)

@NightRose ahh well thanks for the suggestion nonetheless :) I'll hafta see if my local library has it, and if not suggest it!

@dirething not a book, but I cannot stop recommending the webcomic which does that in a weird sort of auto biographical way, from early denial to full embrace, through several different characters.

Also has lots of whacky magic and pop culture references because is a webcomic from the 2000s that is still ongoing.

@matias93 @dirething found this comic recently. It was a positive experience, +1 from me

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