I did my spinning but I failed to post about it for 3+ days! boooo!

anyway, this morning I plied my third skein of yarn this tour, but I still have to wind it off.



I'm baking 

fascist massacre of utΓΈya 2011 

my little diary (mention of horse sports) 

some masto germans are having a CW meta discussion right now, and it reminded me of:

I joined the mod team on this instance, but that doesn't make me perfect when it comes to my own toots.

if you see stuff that I should have CW'd or where I forgot to post replies to long threads unlisted, or other fails to follow our etiquette, if you want: please absolutely do tell me that it sucks! it will help me do better.

:weirder_earth: :heart_gq: :weirder_earth:

uhm, I missed participating in

well, not too bad, because I've been making a effort since last november or so. habits are in place and I just missed an opportunity to brag around on the internet about it πŸ˜‚

on the other hand those online events keep one motivated and make keeping up the work more fun.


my suggestion for a german compound noun for a joke that uses the fedi CW feature is "aufklappwitz"

@pixelfed in case you all are not ignoring it and I just don't see anyone talking on pixelfed's github about it, please forgive me, I'm just trying to use it and I don't know anything about github and how the development process works.

@pixelfed hey, I have no github profile and a question.
I was on pixelfed's github page and there seems to be no open issue about pixelfed not federating with other pixelfed instances.

so - is this fixed? is it just me?

I'm @distelfliege and I want to follow people on pixelfed.de - how do I do this from pixelfed.social? the search box doesnt find anyone. what should I type in there exactly?

and if it's not fixed, why is everyone ignoring this?

trans information request, boosts appreciated 

pixelfed federating with other pixelfed instances when

I spent 1.5 hours at the Schlesi station and was doing Spinning. For the last hour a group of guys with a sound system and Arabic music entertained everyone. Some were entertained too much. And too drunk. The people from the fast food booth allowed me to retreat into their shop a bit and were super nice.

On my bike ride home now!

I'm stuck under the ubahn at Schlesi because of a rainstorm

identity, coming out, and such 

identity, coming out, and such 

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