the truth is: I am most likely to see your toots if you post them to the weirder earth local timeline.

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fedi meta, peertube, nazis 

fedi meta, peertube, nazis 

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the mindset with Facebook is like: OMG, people are on our site a lot, but they're still searching with other sites. how do we make our site a search engine? how do we make sure people never leave our site?

that's not the sort of attitude that community-based services have. we can't be everything to everyone, and we don't want to be.

i don't think tech writers really get the idea that services exist to fill needs, niches, that people have needs and that these needs may vary between different people, that sometimes it's better if people who want X use the site for X, and people who want Y go to some other site

it's all a competition to them, and that's a big part of what we're trying to get away from, and what millennials and Gen Z in general are tired of

i feel like answers to the question of "Will Mastodon become truly competitive to Twitter?" always miss the fact that mastodon instances are fundamentally centered around the needs of their users while Twitter has entirely different goals, making any comparison shortsighted

Of all Internet users in India, only about a 4th are women. In many cases male members monitor/ regulate usage. For women with access, specially in less urban areas, the Internet is a panacea from orthodoxy.

Shutting down the Internet is like a double head shot to marginlized groups in society like women in India. Other groups on the lines of caste and class are stifled. Internet access is a basic human right, but govts across the world don't seem to agree.


they closed the bridge over the river that is my main cycle route to work for repairs. now they re-paved the road and they painted on new cycling "infrastructure".

it consists of a bike lane that is placed between the lane that is for cars going straight ahead and the lane for cars turning right. I'm not looking forward to that...

and that in the year berlin was voted "cycling capital of germany" which had always been m羹nster, before.

this post has 8 boosts and only 2 cozy sweater replies, is this global warming?

It's Friday please show me what comfy sweaters you are wearing! Or comfy t-shirts I guess if you're in the southern hemisphere. People exactly on the equator, uh, button downs?

I felted over the moth holes on this one and now I'm kind of sad they weren't in a more prominent location.

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