​Summer seemed to end a few weeks earlier and much more definitively than usual this year, but that doesn't mean we're done with neighbourhood

we were joking how we should go on all of next week instead of just on friday.

we had one terrible data loss at yesterday. another person who learned the hard way to do backups!

question about a reclaimed slur 

Ich wΓΌrde gerne in #Berlin eine Art Aussenstelle von @computertruhe betreiben. Wer von euch Lust hat mit zumachen meldet sich bitte bei mit unter info@yosijo.de oder hier. Ich wΓΌrde ab jetzt ca. 1-2 Wochen warten und wenn genug sich Gemeldet haben ein Treffen Organisieren.

aids denialism 

exclusively listening to Kate Bush today

idk just feels right

aids in the ronald reagan times 

I'm looking at an archive of digitized photographs relating to the LGBT community between the years of 1970 - 1990.

I liked the sign in this one. It's entitled "March on Albany, 1971 Mar 14". The sign reads TINKERBELL WAS A FAIRY TOO!

its friday 13th and this is a shoutout to everyone who gets a friday 13th today! have fun!

I'm a slow speaker, I can not speak fast. in school I was bullied because of it.

today I like my voice and how I speak, and I'm even annoyed when I hear people speak extremely fast, I find it stressful.

I don't know, can one deliberately speak a little slower? because I can't change my way to speak. I can try to speak faster, ultimately it never works. but does it work the other way around? anyone experienced in this?

Poverty in urban areas populated by people of colour is always framed as an issue because of the "criminality" and "violence" there, rather than the nightmarish living conditions their inhabitants have been forced to endure. White middle class people can only conceive of poverty as a problem when it is an inconvenience to them.

I started this sweater. I have 740m of handspun, handdyed yarn. then I have another batch of this yarn, but it is not dyed yet.

I'm loving the project so far, but I need to dye the rest of the yarn!
I think I can't replicate this color so I need to dye a contrast color, and the sweater will be looking a bit like patchwork, but that's ok, I like that!

hi, good... afternoon I guess?
whatever time of day, have a nice one!

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