Lets do a spinning team, an unofficial one (unless someone wants to register the thing at which means:

lets spin along with the Tour de France and post about it on the fediverse! the rules (copied from ravelry) are:

Spin every day the Tour rides, if
possible. Saturday July 6 through
Sunday July 28th. Days of rest:
Tuesday, July 16th and Monday, July
22nd. (Just like the actual tour.)

I'm mentioning you because you replied to my first toot about it so that you see this toot as well:
@Johannab @valhalla @kikir @Caluera
and @jules and @knittingsquirrel who posted on the tdf hashtag these days too.

ah and before I forget.. please feel free to just use the hashtags or if you're in for the team experience,

or if you post about the but you're already in too many other teams ;) or just don't feel like you want to join the fediverse team, I would still love to see your posts!

be welcome to tag your stuff with these more general tags so we can see each others beautiful spinning!

@distel I should really activate my account for this tdf... :knitting:

but at the moment I'm a bit overwhelmed by multiple accounts and that is why I'm posting from weirder earth, not from here.

@distel I just made a #-column with all the related tags so I don't miss anything fibreee :D

@jules yes, I'm doing that in this moment too! my instance didn't support multi hashtags but now that we're updated I can, yay!

@distel @jules This is so cool! I haven't used the multi hashtag thingie yet, and it is SOO cool!

@jules @TQ @distel unfortunately not on Tusky though. or am i missing something?

@knittingsquirrel @TQ @distel

If #tusky can do it, I didn't see how. Would be pretty cool though :D
As in web it requires horizontal scrolling which is no fun ^^

@distel do you have to do extra big ones on days like L’Alpe d’Huez?

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