if you want to join a coop think ahead of how you will manage mental stress start a meditation practice or something NOW


related: I think I'm going to get the "Hanged man" tarot card tattooed. I can relate to him very much.

@distel I had a funny conversation with a friend recently:
me: "Wow, so you're on the condo association board? That must be stressful."
them: "It's part of my meditation practice."

@eldang @distel This would be great advice for someone joining a commune as well! Maybe that's the primary function of meditation: to help us put up with each other. 😂

@distel I should probably do this before I found my next co-op.

The previous one did end in some nasty and stressful things...

@distel I have no plans but I think I should hyperventilating right now just to be sure

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