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"Made to be online" Demi-dad @dzuk@weirder.earth

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- English (native, I'm so sorry)
- Français (A1-A2, rusty as hell)
- Norsk Bokmål (a bit)
- 日本語(少し)
- 한국어 (just starting)

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Hey, I'm Dzuk. :think_dzuk: I'm an orc on the internet. I'm some kind of designer and illustrator.

I moderate weirder.earth, I design and manage @mutantstd, a source of many popular Mastodon emojos (:headpats: :hot_shit: :cannabis_leaf: :tarot_sword: :orc: :queer100: :troll: :so_gay:). I also maintain an alternative to Mastodon's instance list (instances.noct.zone).

I'm interested in design, weird identities, non-shitty/radical transhumanism and hate groups!

good morning.... I am having.... a day.


private parts, food (yes I put those two things in the same CW, click to find out why!) Show more

Some weird point I keep seeing on Birdsite is that CWs steal due attention and deserved views away from content creators...

What happens in actuality: [CW: Horny, Strange Fetishes, Don't Open Unless You're Down to Clown]


Got any wide or puffy-penchant friends who you need to help get somewhere a little more sane for their mental health? Blimps.xyz is still open-reg for now and happy to have more friendly faces.

Reference pic vs Minecraft Skin (toplessness)

I completed my Minecraft skin!!! (pixel art toplessness) Show more

pixellated topless orccc Show more

making me a minecraft skin for myself

I wanna play it with all my furry friends

I want to crush Tumblr's fucking consent page