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Emoji Maker 2018™ @dzuk@weirder.earth

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- English (native, I'm so sorry)
- Français [A1/A2, rusty as hell]
- Norsk Bokmål [a bit]
- 日本語(少し)
- 한국어 (barely, learning here and there)

Feel free to speak languages to the orc, I am in dire need of it.

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Reminder to all my followers and frens and just other people - mention me directly for personal stuff, replies, etc. Mention my other accounts exclusively (not both them and me) if you want to talk about those specific things (ie. Mutant Standard).

It helps me compartmentalise stuff and helps me manage my social anxiety. Thanks!

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As you might know, I make emojos. And now, you can commission me to make emojos!

Details are here:

(I'll make a nicer-looking page when I have the time~ this is just an HTML export of my note with the draft text ha haa~)

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Hey, I'm Dzuk. :think_dzuk: I'm an orc on the internet. I'm some kind of designer and illustrator.

I moderate weirder.earth, I design and manage @mutantstd, a source of many popular Mastodon emojos (:headpats: :hot_shit: :cannabis_leaf: :tarot_sword: :orc: :queer100: :troll: :so_gay:). I also maintain an alternative to Mastodon's instance list (instances.noct.zone).

I'm interested in design, weird identities, non-shitty/radical transhumanism and hate groups!


I think I need to restore a database backup, because migrating the database to the new version got stuck in a weird state.

I am still researching to see if this is necessary, but assume it is from what I know now.

Worst case: we will roll back to the most recent good backup, which was last week. We will lose a few days of data.

If I do this it'll be tomorrow so that this has time to percolate. Backup anything important, please.

some men showed up at my house and gave this big box to me. i never ordered something this big and i do not know who it belongs to. i didn’t want it but they wouldn’t take it so i guess i have this big box now.

are you a demiboy(*)? click here demiboy.online

(*) offer and message also valid for any other non binary identity

thinking emojis that are my fault:

Designing human-computer experience isn’t about building a better desktop. It’s about creating imaginary worlds that have a special relationship to reality—worlds in which we can extend, amplify, and enrich our own capacities to think, feel, and act.

-Brenda Laurel, Computers as Theatre

fuck it, here's the whole cute concept that got me hyped

I should probably talk to printers about quotes, huh :think_dzuk:

fuck it, here's the whole cute concept that got me hyped

(also caveat: none of these are in CMYK, I'm just testing layouts)

(also the copyright is there cuz print products are licensed differently to digital emoji, which will always be CC-BY-NC-SA)

oh I nearly forgot

guess what showed up today

*comes up with a sticker sheet that has 💯 💦 :dont_at_me: ⁉ 💤 🌟 ✨ 🌠 💫 🌀 🔥 💥 💢 🆒 🆗 , calls it 'FEELINGS*

Fandoms have always bewildered me

(granted, my upbringing has cultivated a mentality that sees attachment as a liability)

@dzuk's avatar makes me smile. I like the idea of a wise orc deep in thought.

aaaa I did a really cute concept for the sticker sheet idea just now

Awwww sweet, Waypoint is playing Shadowrun Dragonfall for their next 101 *∆∆*