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Feel free to give this account a follow request if you want to follow. I've locked it, but there's no restrictions on who can make a request.

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Hey, due to social anxiety, my enbyfriend @kiilas is now acting as my agent/assistant for commissions, so message them if you'd like a commission!

(All of the info on my commissions page - has been updated to reflect this)

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Hey, I'm Dzuk. :think_dzuk:

- Moderator of
- Your local, anti-corporate and very gay emoji designer :headpats: :hot_shit: :cannabis_leaf: :tarot_sword: :orc: :queer100: :troll: :so_gay: (@mutantstd)

I'm interested in design, digital art weird identities and non-shitty/radical transhumanism!

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Contacting me 

Tech question: Bash, Telnet, boost OK 

computer securoty 

hi! if anybody knows someone in the seattle area who's queer and does taxes (especially small business taxes) professionally I would love to pay them! feel free to DM me a contact :)

(still) Need financial help 

A very wonderfully Y2K Flash death countdown site

(...which you can't look at if you don't have Flash >w>)

(via, including the picture)

Now that Parastat has launched and I've gotten over like, 2 really rough patches, I've finally started work on @mutantstd again~

3 new hoof hands are already in the bag! 💪

A friend said they were imagining the yoshi mlem along this video of the lizard licking an orange so I made it happen

Smaller than dust on this map
Lies the greatest thing we have
The dirt in which our roots may grow


Hello there, I'm REZ.

I'm a demoscener since 1993, actually member of a group named RAZOR 1911 as coder.

I'm still living in the 80's, that's probably why I love so much big pixels and lowfi musics!

One of my latest work was a software 3D engine running on the lovely PICO-8 fantasy console:

Cajun Nightmare 

(-) Money, asking for help 

Need financial help 

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