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Dzuk / ズック / 쑥 @dzuk

Now I'm remembering the time that I visited the UK's only remaining Sega-branded arcade in Southampton at the beginning of this decade (not intentionally, I was there for the day and just *found* it)

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It had all of the 90's decor, like classic Sonic the Hedgehog patterned carpet, 90's-ass signs.

That whole mall it was in was this like bottled 90's land that time forgot, and it's a shame it no longer exists now.

I have a few photos, I'll try to look for them sometime (or a few minutes)

@UnclearFuture it was in the Bargate mall. The mall and the arcade are gone now.


Oh yeah, I thought it might have been, it’s real shame, I used to love that place.