One of the leading Y2K aesthetic tweeters on Twitter goes through what was the Millennium Dome.

As someone who was too young to know what it was other than 'there' and 'vaguely a massive failure' (I only visited it once after it became The O2), wooow this fucking thing was worse than I could have possibly imagined.

@dzuk oh god. i'm afraid to click. maybe i'll go back and look when it's broad daylight

@dzuk holy shit this is fascinating. the dome sounds like a fascinating experience. also, i was ABSOLUTELY thinking of epcot the whole time lol. at least epcot isn't publicly funded. also disney seems to be slowly giving up on the educational angle of it to turn it into Star Wars and Elsa Land

@dzuk this is only somewhat related but if you want to read some absolutely amazingly researched and thought out Walt Disney World Theory, i adore this blog

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