BTW this was no big feat. You just email microsoft with the ID you want, your typography vendor name and URL (if you want one).

It just took one email, but it's fun to see!

you also don't have to do it at all, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, I just thought it would be fun ^^'

Registering as a typography vendor with microsoft means that you park a 4-character tag you can insert into a specific part of Microsoft's metadata table in a font file (in Mutant Standard's case, that's 'MTNT'). and some applications might show up the information attached to that tag that's on Microsoft's datbase.

I think one of the original intentions was so that people could find the typography vendor's website even if it changes.

@dzuk microsoft now links to your website. that's wild and awesome

@dzuk cool!

Does that mean I can get the awoo emoji and all the others to work on my Win10 computer like any other font (or better still with the emoji keyboard?)

@vfrmedia nah, it's nothing really special, it's just an administrative thing

I think if you install it on a Windows computer, you will get a link to the Mutant Standard website in hte font viewer, and that's basically it hehe

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